Monday, February 09, 2009

Update for Ted; everyone

My Gina Carano interview is in the March issue of Maxim which should hit stands any day now.

Also, I'll be on The Strategy Room on Wednesday at noon. Courtney Friel is hosting.

Also, my sister named her plant Horace.

Also, I'll be on Red Eye on Friday, I should have said that earlier.


Prototype said...

I remember asking you what the interview was for, and when you replied to me, you spelled my name wrong.

Was it face-to-face or via phone?

Toddrod said...

Alison, this is gonna seem kinda dorky, but I would love a signed issue of Maxim with the Gina Carano issue. I love her, and I love you, and if you signed the article of your interview with her, I'd be half way to finding true love... maybe?


P.S. I'd really love a signed copy. Is there a way I can arrange that? Any ideas?

Prototype said...

Alison should set up a PO box like Anna so we can send her stuff.

Ted from Accounting said...

But hold missed a question, I had asked...shit I was enjoying that shtick!

Okay, so Todd you gave me a brilliant freakin idea! Yes, I want a signed copy of this Maxim issue...with both you and Gina signing....Crap, that would be so cool! Is Gina on the cover? I bet she is!

Carano & Rosen...two women with different styles but equally are perfect 10s!

Yes, did you interview her in person? Do you really think you could kick her ass? I know you wrote that before! I think you could kick Julia's ass but probably not Gina's...unless you used the ol' dirty sock maneuver! That's a New Yorker move!