Monday, February 16, 2009

This is where I get OCD about this

But I'm not loving the newly reordered sidebar on the right. I wasn't loving it before either though. I remember watching my friend paint some wooden shutter door things which enclosed a little phone alcove and then smash them with a hammer. I left him as the wood was really flying. Anyway, I'm not going to take a hammer to the sidebar but anyone have any input about how it should be? There's this whole above the fold and below the fold thing I'm thinking about. I'm actually thinking of folding my computer screen up origami style, but that comes later.


Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Yeah, I noticed how you've been messing around and re-organizing the right side within the past 18 hours or so.

But as for how it should be? I say move your contact info (e-mail) to the very top, then follow it with your Twitter, then upcoming appearances, then your followers, then your "About Me," then your demo reel, followed by the other video clips, and finally with the articles/links (which are fine the way they are already). This is just based on the best way to introduce and promote yourself to visitors to this site/blog. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

"I learned something today....."

Joe said...

All you need to do is add a crossword puzzle, a few sudokus and a jumble and it'll be done.

Toddrod said...

I think the right side should be a different color, and the very top should be a vlog of you welcoming people to your Blog site (perhaps this should automatically start when people arrive to your site?). You could give them a quick introduction to who you are (not the same as your demo blog), and then tell them where to find more information (below this particular blog on the right side of the space). You could do something goofy, like point your finger down on camera, so people will think you are using double entendre while giving directions where to look for more stuff about YOU! I'm not sure if I'm doing a very good job in giving a description of how your page should look.


Brett Jones said...

Ditch the "follow" box and put demo reels back in that space. Maybe put together 3 different videos and change them now and again for some variety.

Next I'd go with contact info, then your standup clip followed by the youtube link. That youtube link is oddly shaped though, so it may not look right.

I'd also try and keep the links to your articles as prominent as possible.

If you can, get the audio clips from your interview with Michael Showalter and embed them somewhere along the right.

Trapp said...

I agree with Super-Advanced Prototype 6.0.

Contact info and twitter first. Even people who don't sign up for twitter can click on it as I do, and say to themselves, "What the hell are they talking about?"

But they're getting the most current info, and it makes them feel like they're in the loop. Plus, they can constantly send you emails as I do, wanting to know what you mean by "professional" inquiries.

Ted, White and Blue said...

You should do random polls on the right...I think you can do that with blogger!