Sunday, February 15, 2009

Share me

Please note the fancy "Share this" tags on each post. I'm not sure exactly what they do or how but feel free to use them to bandy my content all over the web somehow securing me untold millions of dollars, fame, fortune, a private jet, my own porpoise filled lagoon, my own dolphin filled infinity pool, a jacuzzi filled with sea otters, a hot tub featuring flamingos, a sitz bath for my parrots, a sponge bath with an octopus, two tide pools packed with starfish, a foot bath for my labradoodles, a warm compress for my mauzers (half maltese, half schnauzer) and a wet bar for my sea monkeys.


DarkKnight3565 said...

No!!!! I want you all to myself. Let them follow some other celebrity. William Shatner maybe.

warren the turd said...

If i were an octopus..I would put on ringos "octopus' garden" and hug you 4 times at once.

Trapp said...

Well, so long as you're not going to waste your fortune on frivolous things, I'm in.

Christian said...

Seems to me that your future fortune involves spending tons on Water based exotic Items. Are we dehydrated? Or do you just Id Rich more with large amounts of water?

I'll share ya, but that just cause my Mom always said it was better to share than be a goddam selfish boy.

WFG said...

It's so hard to resist the obvious joke about circles.

MR said...

I digg the new Share This feaature.

I actually thought it was a technorati tool...

Now you just need to apply group psychology to your posts, so you can get to the first page of Digg.

The people who will "Share you", are skewing to techies, and web business people; bloggers (with many or important readers) are over-represented in this group, and are clearly the most important.

While your readers will share their favorite stuff with friends, it's also good to ask fans specifically to "Digg", certain stories you are actively trying to bring viral.

Catchy headline, and a video that is about some kind of debate or opinion.

Ask your readers to post comments about their feedback on posts sometimes.

Because, only debate or opinion-based posts get TONS of comments....

the comments take on a life of their own.

Or, you could do something outrageous, like a fake endorsement for the ACTUAL product, 'Yoga Booty Ballet', which is endorsed by Tori Spelling.

I'm imagining you and Anna doing the Yoga Booty Ballet dance now.

Try to do it without laughing.

This product name never gets old for me.

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

I suppose I can link you over the whole UCLA network server, place an ad for you in the school newspaper and website, and create/post fliers for you all over campus. You'll be looking at being introduced to over 28,000 students, and a total of over 45,000 students + faculty members combined. Now that would definitely make you an instant overnight success! You'll be spreading quicker than the bubonic plague.

But only if you want me to. And if you promise me a one-minute hug. And if you buy me another wabbit to be Fluffy's new friend.