Tuesday, February 03, 2009

OMG you guys

I had a scare this morning! See, I'm currently the proud owner of alisonmrosen.com, alisonrosen.com, alisonmrosen.net and alisonrosen.net. I've owned these for nigh on a year? A couple years? And every now and then I think I'll do some fancy, um, back end work and make it so one of these hosts this very blog. I set up the CNAME and everything. So this morning I go to try it again and it saves settings successfully and then I type in this very blog's address and it gives me a redirect page and I click yes and then it goes to a godaddy page... NOT MY BLOG. Do you know how much traffic I lost in that split second when the blog wasn't there? Untold ones or twos! I'm dealing with huge numbers here, people. I can't be offline!

But seriously, it's as if I disappeared. It was like in Back to the Future when the photo got blurry.

So then I freaked out and yelled Hail Mary (note: did not yell Hail Mary) and then reverted to the original settings. Did I just click REVERT? NO! Because there isn't a revert button. I retyped the old blogspot stuff in there and thankfully my blog came back to me. To us.

Anyway, I'm sure this is so super duper easy that one of you web experts can explain what I'm doing wrong? And how to avoid being offline for any period of time?


Jonfun said...

*sigh* blogspot=google=tech=Natali Del Conte who if you watch loaded from yesterday had two huge human error gliches over the weekend.

First rule of technology, have a back up, back up, back up.

Second rule of technology, it always fails.

Suggestion is get into hosting and start running the blog from a hosting account which most registars offer along with buying the domain name. Can cost anything from a yearly fee to a month fee. Research is required depending upon your route.

Joe said...

I don't know what the problem might be. My web site has gone down at times for any number of reasons. Once my service provider changed servers and no one could access my site for about half a day.

Still, my site is up 99.9% of the time, so I guess I can't complain.

But yeah.. that's scary if we can't access your blog!

Prototype said...

Uh, like, *OMG Alison, it could be one of 2 things:

1) Possibly because you have the blog hosted on the other domain and it might not be forwarding all the files properly.

2) You didn't set your redirect properly.

Yeah, because you probably installed the blog app on site A, and I don't think you can redirect the blog to function like that.

*No, I don't do OMGs. That should only be reserved for girls. Not guys.

karpaydm said...

Alison's hair + goDaddy's "enhancements" = elvira?

Ted from Accounting said...


I could solve the problem but you'll have to answer my question on a vlog first!

Ted "The Internet Genius" Goodlove

Toddrod said...

Hey Alison... didn't you purchase your URL names from Godaddy.com? Or did you buy those names from some other source? I bet there was just some minor typo in your script, and that's why you are having problems. OR you really don't know what you are doing, and need help help help!


blake said...

I'm not entirely sure I follow you. I mean, I get the existential angst, and "I blog therefore I am" and all that.

But it sounds like you had AlisonRosen.com (et al) pointed here, then changed it (and broke it somehow), and then changed it back.

I mean, it sounds like a simple typo, but what were you trying to achieve changing it in the first place? Are you trying to make this site come up as AlisonRosen.com instead of alisonrosen.blogger.com? 'cause that requires changing stuff at blogger, too.

Is the computer plugged in? Are you in Europe? Do you need an adapter?

MR said...

One thing you might want to look into:

PageRank - this is basically the rating of how popular your page is.

Which is basically how many 'important' links you have pointing to your site.

Your blogger page is ranked 3/10.

Your other pages are unranked. (not even a 0 / 10)

It would be better to build up your ranking on the domains you own, so, you get the credit for incoming links.

So, technically, it would be better if you redirected your Blogger traffic to your :


page. And, hosted the blog on there. (or, at least made it look like the blog was hosted on there)

For instance, let's say in the future you want to make a video archive on your site, and you want it to rank high for "Efervescent Vivaciousness", or "Anna David".

or other phrases related to your content - You'd want your domain to have the high PageRank, not be on the D List.

You can check pagerank of any page by downloading the Google Toolbar for Firefox.