Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Joke help needed

Because I did Geraldo I missed The Oscars and because I'm lazy I haven't watched it on DVR yet and because I spend all my time playing with my hair and thinking about how fantastic everything will be when I put the finishing touches on my time machine and travel back to the day before my eye started twitching and I was able to look at myself in the mirror unfettered, I haven't read too much of the coverage. So tell me, my internet bunions: (thank you Ted for my new favorite term!)

Did anyone wear any beaded monstrosities to the Oscars? I know I have about four female fans. Any of you aware of any beaded action? Or guys, perhaps you might be aware?

Do tell!

I love you more than life itself.


Joe said...

Sean Penn wore a hot pink, surprisingly simple Rodarte strapless chiffon gown with swirling draping and beading on the bodice.

Or so I heard.

karpaydm said...

I only remember this: Penelope Cruz's dress was 60 years old. I bet she smelled like my grandmother. Or I guess "abuela" in Spanish (if I remember my high school Spanish - and my grandmother - correctly).

I googled oscars 2009 and beads and found:

a) Miley Cyrus’ beaded Zuhair Murad dress was mostly white but had tiers of midnight-blue beaded petals.

b) Freida Pinto (whoever that is) provided a pop of electricity in a beaded blue John Galliano gown with one bejeweled lace sleeve.

c) Bill Schulz wore a beaded item and was very anal about it, but it was not very easy to make out. He was there as a seat filler - get it? Seat filler? I just had an Alison Rosen "gotta remember this one to use later at a party" joke telling moments. Ah, I kill me!

Karpaydm (Scott)

karpaydm said...

Ok, so my "Word Verification" word for my comment was "iduche". WTF? Alison, are you trying to tell me something?

Toddrod said...

Alison? It's Tuesday. Do you really think people are still talking about the Oscars? :D


P.S. karpaydm "iduche" haha I love some of those verification words!

Trapp said...

I wish I could help. There's no bigger joke than the Oscars themselves.

That night, I turned on the tv long enough to catch your Geraldo appearance, then I turned it off and went about my business.

That's what I think of the Oscars these days. It ain't Bob Hope.

Anonymous said...

Two Post in one--

----"(I love you more than life itself). Was that on an Elton John Song ? NO it can't be. Must be from Slayer. I think I'm the only guy here that listens to Slayer [Angel of Death.....]."

---"Sean Penn slipped on his wrist invisible yet somehow visible alphabet lace beads that spell out the four letters, S-M-U-G. I wonder what the acronyms stand for."

David B said...

Is "iduche" a cyber feminine product? Not that I would notice this type of thing but Miley's dress was gorgeous!!!! I sort of feel creepy saying that about a 16 y/o's dress, yuck.

Christian hull said...

It was an amazing Oscar extravaganza of fabulous dresses, and awesome tuxes (I'm gay...I know these things!!) Anne Hathaway looked gorgeous, she had jeweled not a beaded dress. Miley Cyrus' beaded dress was gorgeous, but her face wasn't! Beads are out, its all about jewels and crystals and sparkly ,metallic accents this year....