Monday, February 23, 2009

In other words "Pee In The Sink"


Brett Jones said...

Pee in the sink? Yes. The trash cans are reserved for a deuce.

Brett Jones said...

Because I've been absent of late I've decided to lay it on thick tonight.

No not just my affinity for all things Alison Rossen (damn you Geraldo). I'm also talking about the bronzer I'm rubbing onto my concave chest and bulging deltoids and bicep's (yeah I look funny without a shirt on, so what!).

Last night we (the collective we includes most of Maine) had 10 - 18 inches of snow fall. It was a heavy wet snow that stuck to everything. Add to that 35mph winds and you get trees falling on power lines and then power outages.

So here I sit. Typing by candle light, running my computer and router off of half a dozen old car batteries being charged by my children, hand cranking a small generator.

I do all this just so I can catch up with the comings and goings of Alison M Rosen and leave a little note at here digital feet.

You see Alison's blog is really my Wailing Wall and my comments are like prayers.

*Sigh* The children are starting to complain now. Something about tired arms. I have news for them, after I post this I'm going to play Burnout Paradise on the XBox.

Crank harder Matthew, Daddy needs 5 more wins to get to the next license.

JaysonB said...

When say say "Please do not put anything in the toilet," I wonder if you're supposed to treat it as if it had air quotes.

Emery said...

Alison you can not imagine my surprise when I saw that you actually cooperated.

Ted, White and Blue said...

If that is New York, I'd say 5 minutes after that picture was taken, someone whipped their butt with it....and you guessed it - Flushed!