Saturday, January 10, 2009


Greetings my little corn muffins (Ted, that was for you). Question: do I need to change the color of my hyperlink text or are you able to see it? On my computer it looks kind of dim but maybe that's just me? Are you usually aware where the links are? Speak now or deal with purple hyperlink text.

Also wanted to give a shoutout to all the regular readers of the blog. I love you guys! And to all the new readers? After a brief probationary period I will probably love you too.


Joe said...

The links look fine to me, my little cutie-patootie.

Have you told your new blog readers about the secret initiation? I don't want to scare anyone away, but here's video of last Wednesday's ceremony.

Brett Jones said...

"initiation" or foreplay, Joe?

DarkKnight3565 said...

And to all the new readers? After a brief probationary period I will probably love you too.

So there's hope! :D

Ted from Accounting said...

LOL, yeah but I think Mexican food intros are still better: My little chimichangas, mi pequeno burritos (yes roll your r's), mi muy pequeno get the picture!

So I was thinking of maybe an entirely new page design, colors and layout!?!?!?! I think the link colors are fine, just change everything else!

After watching that clip, I'm thinking every time Joe puts on the cowboy hat and mask...her comes the paddle!

Kurtis said...

This is the only blog you have posted in the last few days I missed but I have problem with any of your links.

Anonymous said...

Another anonymous comment:

From now on, New readers need to go through the initiation process.

1. PLace hand over stove for over a minute.

2. Watch Robert duvall's worst movie Gods and Generals .

3. watch all of the doggy movies shown in theaters without saying the three letter G word that ends with Y. (and no the word is not GUY....). Even doggy lovers have a hard time doing this...

4.Since ALison is so good with the Russian shuffle, you must do the truffle shuffle beside her as she's doing her card trick. (Yes, you have to pull up your shirt.I don't care if your shy showing your third nipple..)

5. Be that crazy pedestrian who wears black at night and crosses the street as a car is approaching. (you know, that guy who expects you to stop and holds you liable for his life on the road and yet you kindly don't honk the horn as you let him live another day.....)

6. talk smack about the Russian KGB on television.

7. Play classical music in a thrash metal concert (see if they'll tear you apart.....)

8. Play thrash music in a classical music concert (see if they'll burn you up,hang you, stab you, shoot you, ram you with a semi, and then tear you apart. (perhaps a scene that reminisce Peweee meeting the hells angels.You have to bust a move while the tequila song is playing to secure your life for that matter ...)

9. Toss a stone at ALison's apartment to get her attention at your creepy arrangement of burning candles that spells her name. (it has to be done at night of course for it to fully work.)

10. Full blast an 80s ghetto blaster boom box in front of a group of generation y millenials donning their ipod earphones. (How embarrassing).

Joe said...

Brett, when Alison initiated me it definitely seemed more like forepaly...

Anonymous, the final step of the initiation is to walk around NYC until you run into Alison and then upon seeing her start sreaming "I LOVE YOU" repeatedly at the top of your lungs until the police arrive. The folks in the city are used to this, so don't feel at all uncomfortable.

Christian said...

So following your blog and your Twitter does pay off. I replied to your twitter bout the shamwow dude messaging you shortly after you mentioned him, asking if he wanted to show you his "Slap Chop"-the new Ron Popeil device he's hawking. Within minutes he's following my Twitter. Don't know if this gets me a free Slapper or a Shamwow, but I can at least say following you got me something.