Saturday, January 31, 2009

A little something I like to do with eggs

Call me ecentric but when I buy a carton of eggs I like to make sure to bang into stuff on the way home, like walls or shrubbery or fences, so as to save precious scrambling time later.


Quixote74 said...

First thought was that would make you "egg-centric," but then I realized that would actually mean you were more focused and caring of the ovum. After that I realized I'm more of a nerd than I like to admit....

Kevin said...

If you leave them outside when the sun's out, you won't have to cook them either.

Toddrod said...

You cook?!?! Holy Moly!!!!


Prototype said...

You're a genious! Next time I buy eggs, I'm so gonna roll off a hill!

Joe said...

I'm always very careful with eggs because I like to sneak out in the middle of the night and throw them at my neighbors' houses. There's nothing more frustrating than getting up at 2am and finding no eggs in the fridge.

Remember on Seinfeld when they had this wacko guy writing for the J Peterman catalog?

Eddie: Hey, I think I got something here for the Bengalese Galoshes.

Elaine: Oh?

Eddie (reading): It's tough keeping your feet dry when you're kicking in a skull.

Elaine: You know, Eddie, that might be just a tad harsh for womenswear.

I'm so glad you posted more videos today because last night I got depressed thinking Alison and Anna's Excellent Adventure was over. But the Adventure continues!!

Rod Legojevich said...


Had your mother ever told you to not make a "SMART-ASS" of yourself in public ?