Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let's just say

for the sake of argument that I was going to do a regular column or something on this blog. Something that always happened at a certain time each week.... What would you guys want it to be? All ideas will be considered, even ones that don't directly involve ducks. But to get things started, some ideas:

tips on how to speak in pig latin
conversations between me and my magic 8 ball
terrible advice
three truths and a lie
discussions about earrings
something where I upload a piece of my own hair
more talk about meringues!
this is awkward!
balloon animals!
some sort of rundown of something. perhaps a TV show?
dating advice from someone who's bad at dating
ice skating advice from someone who's bad at ice skating
icicles! (but that would get all over the computer)
vlogs maybe

What do you guys think?


Kevin said...

I think Vlogs would be my favorite idea, Vlogs about anything and least once a week? Anything you write is funny; everything you say is hilarious (when you're not being serious of course). So, yeah, vlogs get my vote.

Gary McClellan said...

I really miss the couch discussions. Weekly couches please.

Prototype said...

This just came right off the top of my head as I was reading this within a minute, but how about say, at the beginning of each week, like a Monday or Tuesday, you post like say, 3 or 5 questions that would pertain to your life. Like just random, interesting, or strange facts about yourself. Anything that would allow us to get to know you more on a different level. From your childhood until now would be an ideal timeline (but just mix it up). Any topic would work. And for each question, have a multiple choice answers for everyone to choose from as a guess to the answer to the question about you. Then each reader will post their answers as a response/comment.

Like for instance:

Question 1: "When I was in elementary school, I had an accident on the playground that still haunts me today. What was it?
a) Swallowed sand
b) Fell off the monkey bars
c) Sprained an ankle after jumping off the swing at the highest point while swinging up
d) Sprained a wrist while tripping over the trash can
e) Fell face-first on the blacktop while trying to jumprope/None of the above/Both a) and b)

Then after leaving us in a state of eagerness and anticipation for a few days which many drive us completely insane to what they really are, rather than just posting the answers as a text, do it as a vlog (like on a Friday). Also, you can add anything else you'd want to throw in to your vlog to make it longer. Like any additional comments to your questions/answers and explaining in detail, like what's on your mind, or what you plan on doing for the weekend, or what you did between the times when you posted the questions and vlogging.

This is the only thing that came to mind where you would be able to extend it as a weekly column over a long period of time without it actually getting old. I don't know, but that's just me.

Toddrod said...

OK Alison... I don't know if you are serious with this particular blog, but if you are, I would like to see a couple things on a regular basis:

1. Date of the week - this is a report of any type of interaction you've had with another person during the week. Hopefully, you'd report about a date with a man, so we can know more about your love life (or lack there of).

2. Girly Moment of the week - this is where you discuss something you did that is girly. For some reason men love when women talk about themselves doing girly stuff.

3. Booty slap of the week - this is where you do a weekly vlog and slap your booty in front of the camera. For some reason men love when women slap their booty.

4. Andy Levy twitter follower of the week - this is where you discuss your ineptitude in being able to garner more twitter followers than the infamous Andy Levy, by talking about one of his followers.

5. Funny face of the week - This is a vlog where you make a funny face, OR show a picture of a person with a funny face.

I'll have to think of some others, but I hope that helps for now.


Michael said...

I'm thinking something about couches. Also, Alison.

John H. Harris said...

I agree. More couches.

Anonymous said...


Weekly couch reviews.

You could randomly show up at peoples houses, and jump on their couches. Review fabric types, comfort levels, durability, additional features (?) - the list is virtually endless. Like a Johnny-on-the-spot couch reporter. Except more like Jenny-on-the-spot. Since, you know, "Johnny" is a male name.

Or something.

Prototype said...

Oh yeah, and then when you vlog, you can choose to acknowledge the winner for that week if you want, and like, give them a wave, blow them a kiss (unless it's a female, then I suppose a salute would do), a virtual cookie, or whatever the "prize of the week" may be. Just anything that would make the interaction more enjoyable between you and your peeps.

converter42 said...

Penis Enlargement Oatmeal is going to be the next big thing. It's like Weight Loss Oatmeal.

Brett Jones said...

I like this one: "three truths and a lie"

The fans can learn a little something about you and it has the possibility to be pretty funny.

I absolutely love the vlogs, but I think they'd loose the spontaneity (the best quality about them) if they were scheduled.

Also I'd like more pictures of you as a Fan Dancer. There are just not enough photos of you naked hiding behind Ostrich feathers showing a little thigh.

Joe said...

Some ideas...

Do a pie chart every week.. with a real pie.

Do a bar graph every week... at a real bar.

Do a flow chart once a month... wait, bad idea.

Do a takeoff of Olbermann's Worst Person of the Week. My choice for the first week: Ted.

Do a weekly Pants-Off Dance-Off vlog, alone or with friends.

Review a different sexual device or toy each week. Plenty of stuff to choose from: vibrators, stimulators, massagers, ticklers, lubs and creams, aphrodisiacs, BDSM gear, lingerie...

My favorite: Invite a different girl friend over each week and strip down to bras and panties for a slap and tickle fight. This would really attract the male demographic.

coaster1robert said...

How about Video of you Showering,that would be entertaining. :)

warrensheehan said...

I think you should do a "crime of the week" segment...exsample
This weeks crime of the week..Bruce Springsteens new album.

I do think the magic 8ball has strong potential as well

DarkKnight3565 said...

How about each week you date one of your followers and then do a vlog on it? You wouldn't have to date all 1,000 followers, just the ones with names like blacknite4657 or darckite1234 or anything along those lines.

Scott said...

What this blog needs is more Couch-Bell!

After that maybe some Q&A~have people submit questions and then answer them once a week on a Vlog.

Or better yet, you could combine both my and Joe's idea(s) and videotape yourself answering submitted questions while performing a Pants-Off Dance-Off!!

I'd probably even be willing to become one of your Twitter followers if you did that.

Colt V. Ables said...

How about: Requirements and Tips on Dating Alison Rosen?

Apparently..after reading a few of the comments left, you have many followers who want to see you do a booty slap, someone wants a video of you showering, and some pance-off Dance-off vlogging...

Looking to continue to strengthen your image and increase your visibility... in a positive way.

I also like the Andy Levy Twitter-wars idea and maybe some "Facts of Life" favorite moments or you being quizzed to show your extensive "FOL" knowledge.

Opus P. Penguin said...

Things that manufacturers never intended you to do with their products.


Things that would get you fired from the post office.

Barring that...

Definitely the couch discussions. Like the ones in "Gene Simmons..."

gail666 said...

Wow,some of these comments are creepy,
I kind of like the couches, but what about "a what kind of asshole you've had to deal with today/this week" kind of thing?

Balloon animals could be fun, but I find the comment on testing vibrators and the like interesting.
I have to admit though, I do love 8 balls...;);)

Christian said...

I would say more couch, but thats so last year. We need new stuff.

This is the year of "HOPE" and "CHANGE", so maybe you could do a column on how your hopes have changed or how change has made you hope more.

Toddrod said...

OK OK... forget my previous reply, because I have a winner!

A weekly vlog of your daddy scolding one of your followers for something inappropriate that may have been written in response to one of your posts. He could do something like, "Shame on your Mr. Brett Jones for suggesting my little girl Alison dance naked with a bunch of ostriches for your perverted pleasure! Shame shame shame!"

That would be the shit!


scott said...

i vote for um

Bingo said...

Pillow fights

Brett Jones said...

I suggest AMR to do a little retro burlesque while others suggest reviews and demonstrations of masturbatory aides, and her father picks me out of the crowd?

I have the worst luck.....

Toddrod said...

no Brett! That's gooood luck!


Grant said...

There are some CREEPERS who leave comments here. wow.

But I like LISTICLES and VLOG.