Thursday, January 15, 2009

Joe McDonald is awesome and made this awesome video of Anna and me on Red Eye last night



Ted from Accounting said...

More titles than the public library! LOL

Thanks Joe, I fell asleep during the Ann Coulter part!

Sounds like the Twitter Wars are going to expand! My Twit will go to the highest bidder...similar to the French during the Revolutionary War.

Joe said...

It's an awesome video only because you and Anna are in it. Some of the edits I did could have been better.

So many good moments though... Greg missing your name because of the telepropmpter and you calling him on it. And then Anna telling Greg she "tuned out" during the Gregalogue.

Thanks for a great show!

Kurtis said...

This will be part of the end of the year reel. I am still very very disappointed in for forgetting to name Ms Rosen. This travesty will not go unnoticed.

Colorburned said...

Last night was a great episode! I haven't seen so many Jews in the same room since my big Hanukah bash last month!