Thursday, January 15, 2009

Feeling pretty good about this

I still don't quite understand how it happened. One minute I was eating salad, next minute it was all over my keyboard and a little bit was on my floor. And honestly, I think I was more disappointed over the loss of salad than the potential keyboard destruction but that's probably because I got this keyboard from the IT dept at Time Out New York. They have (or had) baskets of old banged up keyboards that you can take for free. I played with each one making sure it was lively and social. There was one that I thought I wanted but the minute I got on the ground with it it just fell asleep. Then this little guy came up to me and pushed its N key against my hand. Spunky! We took to each other instantly. "I'm going to take you home and put salad all over you!" I announced, and that was that.


Toddrod said...

Woah... really old Apple iMac keyboard! Nostalgic!


P.S. I don't understand why there is weeds on the keyboard.

Kurtis said...

ITs my fault , I was doing the same thing and had salad all over the kitchen I think those containers are not really meant to be eaten out of.

Steve Spagnuolo said...

You should place a Salad leaf next to the COlon key and zoom in to take a shot.Perhaps you can submit the picture to a Health journal detailing the benifits of Green leafy vegetables for your colon.I'm sure you didn't expect a responds like this.

Toddrod said...

Hey, was this blog edited? I don't remember it having all this cool information earlier. That is a salad? I really had no idea!


Joe said...

I was wondering exactly what that was a picture of this morning. I thought either:

1. You bought a new plant in hopes of rekindling your halcyon days with Fred, or...

2. One of those awful computer-eating plants from Central America had found it's way into your home and attached itself to your keyboard. Those things are damn difficult to remove, so I'm glad to hear it's nothing that serious.

Maybe you had a momentary bout of Parkinsons and then it went away?