Sunday, December 14, 2008

Remember when I went to Idaho?

It was for this story.


Brett Jones said...

I'd love to hear how the writing world works, how much of a piece like this is you (the writer) and how much is the editor, etc, etc.

Also, snowshoeing is not a leisurely stroll in the park. Her friends and family must all be decathlon athletes.

Anonymous said...

New YEars Resolution:

Conan O'brien: "Funnier fake manipulation of celebrities talking on the screen...."

Kieth Olbermann: "Continue to break glass with crumpled paper while playing vampire music."

Jonas Brothers: "sING happier music to piss off the metalheads (Guys who claim to like hardcore thrash metal yet in their bedrooms, there is a poster of one of the brothers but continue to deny their liking of them) ....."

Meatloaf: "cARRY OUT THE IDEA TO MAKE a MOVIE ABOUT Chris farley's LIFE AND CALL IT "tHE MAN WHO LIvED IN THE van by the river" .......

cLINT eASTWOOD: "DIRECT THAT MOVIE MENTIONED ABOVE, cause it's a good idea !!!!....."

Toddrod said...

Wow! Hallmark magazine! My mom reads that magazine! I think that is pretty cool!

I'm staying home for New Years though.


Ted from Accounting said...

Hallmark!?!!? Wow, maybe you could write holiday cards!

I don't know about Jennifer's idea of starting's f%$^^%$$ snowing out right now! Two-alarm turkey chili? That doesn't sound so simple but yummy! Her best idea was to give the kids some DVDs..instant baby-sitter!


"Ponzi scheme sounds so seventies. Like a heist involving swingers" - You are too funny!

Hugh said...

What the...? They sent you to Idaho for that? (Gratuitous Idaho joke here.)

Joe said...

Nice appearance on the Strategy Room yesterday Miss R! They need to sign you and Jill Dobson up for the next Charlie's Angels movie.

Hey Ted, I talked to a friend of mine in New Hampshire this morning. He spent all day yesterday helping a friend of his who hasn't had power for several days. The temperature in his house got down to 36F over the weekend. At one point, half of all homes in NH didn't have power or water.

Luckily, Vermont was spared. We got mostly snow while NH got sleet and freezing rain. There are still more than 100,000 homes in NH without power even though it got up to 50F yesterday. Crazy weather.

Ted from Accounting said...

Good Morning Blog things:

Okay, so I guess the Strategy Room is only on the net! Correct?

Joe it's too fucking cold on the east coast for me! I mean it snowed here (So. Cal.) yesterday but nice and sunny today!

I have some firewood in the event the power ever goes out but fortunately it never has....I really hate cold weather...I mean I like to visit it just not live in it! If that makes sense!

Enough of my mumblings...Who the heck is that hot ass Annalytical that comes on here!?!?!? Don't worry Ro Ro I'm faithful! Except for the whole J. Alison stuff...that was a slip up! LOL