Monday, December 01, 2008

I'm on a plane sneezing

Miss me not, my little cranberries, I'm in Phoenix waiting to deplane so I can catch the plane to Toronto. Also, I'm sniffly. Also, there is a child with a balloon giraffe crying next to me. But not wailing. Just a little sad. We're in a holding pattern apparently. Note: the balloon isn't crying, in case that was confusing.
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Anonymous said...

The We Miss YOU A lot note:

"My day after Thanksgiving occured with a sudden and surprising power outage in the vicinity of our local mall making us all think that the perpetrator was making a bad joke as he was probably saying to himself "Get it people black Friday.....Black out !!!!" (I heard a weak laughter among the shoppers ). BTW, I managed to get myself an 8GB Ipod. Hooray for me !!!!(sorry for using your words ALison...)

Joe said...

Feel better Miss R!

Tomorrow's forecast for Toronto: 34F with snow showers. Welcome back to the frozen north.

So Miss I've Got A Secret, when are you going to tell us what TV show you're doing? What?

Can't hear you... WHAT????

Scott said...

Hey Alison,

Since you haven't Vlogged in a while I found some video of you and Tobey on the Internet :)


Toddrod said...

Miss Rosen, I am sorry, but you need to turn off all electronic devices at this time. Once we are at altitude, you can feel free to use your PDA to update your silly blog!