Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm on the bio channel right now

On the Adam Sandler bio. Tune in if you're as into me as I am.
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Prototype said...

I played basketball with that unfunny guy last month when he came to UCLA to play at our gym. He comes every once in a while like other celebs to play basketball or workout, and unfortunately for him the time, he chose the wrong court to play on in which I was on the opposing team. He came with a few buddies of his, one of which I was told was a close friend/actor who starred in almost every film he was in, but I don't really know his name. I must say, it was a pleasure for me to light him up like a Christmas tree.

Anonymous said...

Yea I saw you.Very cute Princess.

Toddrod said...

Who is this Anonymous guy! (or is it a girl?!?)


Joe said...

I don't get the Bio channel! In fact, my monthly cable charge has gone up and they're removed several channels (including TCM which I'm incredibly upset about!)

But last night's 'Best of Red Eye 2008' was great! I figured the tiny Alison segment was going to be on. I remember saying right after that show that it would be part of a 'Best Of' show at some point. The segments with PAB rapping were great too. They easily could have done the entire hour like that. There's plenty of material.

Ted from Accounting said...

If I got the Bio channel, I'd have to give up my Mixed Martial Arts Pay Per Views and HD-Net...there is the possibility that I might miss a Gina Carano replay of some kind! We can't have that...can we!?!?! So, you freaky blog people that record video, please post anything of Alison!

Thanks, management!