Thursday, December 25, 2008

Courtesy of The Girl Scouts of America

These little faux presents, which are actually wrapped bars of soap with some plastic doodads and frippery affixed to the top have been sitting under the tree since I was six which means they are like fifteen years old since I'm only 21. Also apparently I'm bad at math since I wanted to be a little older and undershot my mark. I made them when I was a Brownie. It's good to know we have bars of soap at the ready should there be some kind of messy holiday emergency.

Also, I don't like how Sinatra calls Rudolph "Rudy."
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Prototype said...

It's all good Alison. Come on, for looking that good at your age, you should be proud and thankful, and rubbing it in! Plus, these days older women are the new sexy [at least I think so anyway] (although not saying that you are old or anything - just any that is older than me). But you get the point. But yeah, that's the problem I have these days with women who don't embrace their age despite looking real good. I have a friend who is 26 and is a model, but she is still insecure about revealing her age.

Toddrod said...

Alison is an older woman? Not for us guys that were born 40+ years ago. (Poor Alison)