Thursday, November 20, 2008

One eye down

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Toddrod said...

So... you bought a couch, but don't have any sunglasses?!? Where are your priorities, Alison!?! :D


Joe said...

Toddrod, I don't think Alison had room in her luggage for sunglasses after packing all those swatches :o)

But Alison - maybe MINI will give you one of the 200 "field trial" MINI Es they're sending to NYC. The NY Times article said 9,500 people have already volunteered to drive one, but you should jump to the head of the line since you're their official spokesmodel.

So the car show officially opens tomorrow, right? Brit Hume had a segment about the show on Special Report tonight, mostly focusing on GM, Ford and Chrysler. But they had a lot of shots from around the exhibit hall. It looks like quite the event, very impressive.

Toddrod said...

LA has a huge car show. So does San Francisco. San Jose (where I live) usually has a small little car show. I am thinking about buying a car in 2009, so I may have to go check them out. I can't say that I will buy a Mini though. They are chick cars. :D