Friday, October 24, 2008

This again

I see the above photo and I'm back to wanting a white couch. (photo found here

I think I'm just going to have to replace my bed with a couch so I can have two couches in my apartment, one grey and one white, and I'll sleep in the pantry with my broken hair dryer.

I guess I don't really have a pantry come to think of it. Crap, I should probably get one of those too.


Toddrod said...

I've decided not to hold back any longer. Don't get a white couch. White couches are so pretentious. People that have white couches are the type of people that don't let their dogs or cats on the white couch. Nobody likes those kinds of people except for other snobby-types. Cool people say, "come up here on my burgundy leather couch puppy!" or "it's OK if you snuggle with me on my tan leather couch, kitty!" Nobody wants to hear, "you are a bad bad boy for jumping on the white couch and getting your butt juice on the cushion again, you animal!"


Joe said...

What you need, Alison, is a reversible couch with one side white and the other side grey. So like a reversible jacket, you could magically turn it inside out whenever you want a color change.

Formal dinner party? Use the white side. Pizza party with the neighborhood kids? Use the grey side. By the way, is it grey or gray? I could never figure that out. That's why I never won a spelling bee in school - they always tripped me up on grey vs. gray. Those wascally teachers.

But you're missing the bigger picture here. Look at the photo again - you need posts and beams, my dear! Nothing says worldly, refined and sophisticated like post and beam. And it would be awesome if a lumberjack ever stopped by.

So I suggest you haul your uhhh... self.. to the nearest Home Depot and pick some up and get to work! And pick up one of those wrought iron candle holders for over the fireplace. That's totally you - post and beam and wrought iron.

Seriously, I had a good friend who built post and beam houses. He built a beautiful one for himself and he even built a post and beam church in a nearby town. Seriously.

alison said...

I think you're right that it's a post and beams issue. Is anyone computer savvy enough to redo this photo against a white background so we can see what it would look like?

Brett Jones said...

I have to ask Joe.

What does green shag carpet, orange counter tops in the kitchen and silvery/gold velvet paisely wall paper in the hallway say about my childhood home?

My verification word is "Sporint". I'm not sure if it sounds like a new element on the periodic table, or some kind of herb used to season an exotic delicacy.

Joe said...

Brett, I don't know. That sounds a little wild - but I think orange counter tops were pretty popular at one time.

For a while when I was growing up my mother was into avocado green. You should have seen our kitchen. I think it stunted my growth.

I just did a google image search on "avocado green kitchen" and I started having flashbacks. We even had the 4 avocado green plastic canisters (the ones that fit inside each other.) I remember the big one was for sugar. I don't think I ever looked in the other 3.

Scott said...


If you really want to pull this look off, you'll not only have to add Post and Beams, but you'll have to completely remodel your apartment (and the two apartments directly above you) to achieve that 'Open 3 Story Vaulted Ceiling' look. You might want to double check if that's OK with your Landlord first:)

Seriously, you should post a few photos of other furnishings, artwork, rugs, tile, hardwood floors etc that you already have in your apartment, plan on keeping and that this Couch would have to work with and play off of.

Then you can have a contest for your fans to submit pictures of their choice of Couches and whoever submits the Couch you like best gets to Marry you, or at least be declared the winner...I'll let you figure out the official contest rules.

My Aim Is True,


Joe said...

"whoever submits the Couch you like best gets to Marry you"

And I was going to settle for a kiss. What a loser I am!