Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Need a dose of cuteness?

I think you do. These are the birthday cards my mom received from her favorite daughter and my sister.

In other news I'm ass high in the midst of couch shopping. Well, let me back up. So last night I'm reading my vampire book and I get an email from one Bill Schulz cajoling me into coming into the Activity Pit chatroom and I did and it was fun but it was pointed out to me that I haven't been blogging as much lately and it must be because I'm busy. Yeah, busy sitting on couches. Imagine couches are braille and my butt is blind.

But see, there is something frivolous about the couch decision and so perhaps I haven't wanted to admit how much of my energy and time is being taken up by it because I like to think I'm a person of substance. In this case, polyester foam with down ticking.

So I've narrowed it down to two models, and I will post those pictures, but first I want to say that now that I'm all couch aware–to the point that I know that Room & Board's Kendall is basically Crate & Barrel's Huntley Woods with different pillows, which is to say I can see the frame beneath the fluff, I'm again having a thought that I've had periodically over the years which is that the human face comes in a limited number of models and you just see the same face over and over again on different people with slight variation. Do you know what I mean? My thoughts are very mushy and marshmallowy and kind of dumb right now. It's because I have two whole couches in there and the left arm facing sectional.

Do I want this couch?

Or this one?


Toddrod said...

I think you want the bottom couch because it is a lot smaller and will probably fit in your apartment better! Yes, I was boinkity... the one in the AP chatroom picking on you about your lack of blogging! I just wanted to say that, I was totally stoked to see you suddenly in the chat room. It was fun to have you there. Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I don't chat as much as I used to, but usually go in there about once a week late at night.


Anonymous said...

Quote of the LAZY-BOI:

"Should I download illegal red Eye episodes on LImewire, Bittorent, or EMule ?..."

----Red Eye Obsessed

Joe said...

"Imagine couches are braille and my butt is blind."

Pretty funny... and it conjures up some great mental images.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Alison's Mom!!! Better late than never.

I would pick the bigger couch. It doesn't look like you could stretch out much on the other one - unless you're the size of a shrunken Barbie. Wait - is it just the picture that's small? Never mind.

One of my teachers in high school was named David Couch - but I doubt anyone ever wanted to stretch out on him.

I'm watching the news right now and I just heard the term "the devil is in the details" three times in 10 minutes. Other than it being annoying, I'm wondering if it's really true. Has anyone actually SEEN the devil in the details? I've looked at a lot of details over the years and I've never seen the evil one. So I hereby challenge that saying!!

Now a news reporter just asked, "What's really important in this election?" How about getting it over with already!

Be aware that this is National Grouch Day, so be extra grouchy to everyone you meet. Or in Alison's case you could be a grouch on a couch.

(Disclaimer: Alison is NEVER grouchy!)

Joe said...

Hey folks - I wanted to give RosenFans a heads-up that I've temporarily come out of retirement and made a new video! I've uploaded it to both Yahoo and Vimeo, and I'm going to post it on the Activity Pit tonight or tomorrow.

This one is titled, "Red Eye Music Video". It has a lot of photos of Greg, Bill, Andy and many Red Eye guests. I used a lot of pictures that Red Eye fans posted on the AP site.

I think it looks a little better in Vimeo, so here's the link on that site:

It looks especially good in full screen. I did most of it last weekend and then finished it on Monday and Tuesday night.


Scott said...


I just quickly glanced at your blog this morning--Are you getting your couch reupholstered in puppy fur? If so, I'd go with Labrador puppy fur it seems to be the softest.

Seriously, if you're looking for input the one thing I learned the hard way in my last venture into furniture acquisition was to stay away from soft loose unattached back pillows--They look nice in the stores but you'll have to forever readjust the pillows every time people sit in them at your home or they look all discombobulated. Your time is valuable-you don't need that.

Also that light color one is fashionable, but I believe you've mentioned that you're accident prone and a light colored couch isn't going to be very good at keeping secrets.

I don't know if you've picked out a fabric yet-but Micro Fiber breaths, is very comfortable, durable, easy to clean and is reasonably priced.

But don't base your decision just on price--your butt deserves the best!!

My Aim Is True,


PS~Happy Birthday Mrs. Rosen--a Libra how cool!

Brett said...

I like the wider cushions on the lower couch. Seems like it would be better for curling your legs up onto.

I still think a couple of "Chair and a half" chairs and an Ottoman are a good way to go, but I have no idea if they'd work in your place.

Ben said...

Alison, you're couch shopping like a girl. Go into the furniture store with a bag of Doritos and some beer and plop down on the couch for a few hours to make sure it's comfortable. If you can get a sales person to put a widescreen TV in front of the couch to make sure you don't get neck strain when in full couch potato mode, so much the better.