Monday, October 06, 2008

Even MORE photos!

I have this part of my set where I talk about how my attempts to pose for a certain photo went horribly awry and the above just subtly illustrates my point. Why was my left arm dangling there? Why did I not put it behind the girl next to me like everyone else in the photo? I need a limb stylist.

With Ellis Henican

a) I look like I'm sitting on a toilet. b) this confirms my suspicion that I glow. c) I get the toilet look when I'm cold. d) I don't think the coat was he greatest addition to the outfit but I was cold. e) Glad so many photos are of me in the coat!

Here I am looking ravishing while Ray looks on proudly.

These are from the NY Funniest Reporter site, by the way. Go there and be greeted with my face. And some music.


Brett Jones said...

Clearly that women was menacing you with her bosom. There simply was not enough room for you and them.

Joe said...

Great shots, Miss R! I especially love the ones with my favorite person in the world, Ellis Henican. I joke too much - I really do like Ellis a lot.

I know I always say I love your earrings, but you know what? I love your earrings. Ravishing? Yes, I think so.

So next year you get to be the NYFR defending champion. That's so cool!

I have to say I don't like web pages that automatically play music. It's a control thing. I'll spend 20 minutes trying to find the place on the screen where you can turn it off - which is really stupid because I have a keyboard button that shuts off the speakers. Maybe one of these days I should try using it, huh?

Oops, gotta go. Meals on Wheels just pulled up...

Toddrod said...

Brett is right. The woman next to you has a lot of cleavage going on there, and I think you were just helping her display them by giving her some space. That was very sweet of you.


Rbastid said...

God Ellis needs to learn he'd be so amazingly cool if he just left the politics alone for a few minutes.

So proud you beat Stormy Weathers Alison, now you can be "Award Winning Comedian" Alison Rosen on Red Eye.