Wednesday, September 17, 2008

same videos, new, um, post about them

So I put up this blog post on The Activity Pit and then I was thinking maybe I should repost it here but then I was thinking that I already put these videos here but then I was like but there's slightly more commentary in this post and then I was all but only like a sentence or so and then I was like but I don't know and then I'm all sure why not, you know? So here it is:

Hey fancy feet! (That's you. I decided your feet are fancy. Just go with it.) For the last couple weeks I was stationed on a rooftop covering the MINI rooftop NYC event. We made a series of videos which I think are fun, but then I have a very high opinion of myself.

Anyway, if you want to see them, they're here:

But wait, here are a few of my favorites which are on YouTube. Guided tour? Sure, why not.

In this first one I made a mockery of India and exercise and for that I'm vaguely sorry.

And then in this one, some stuff happened.

And I like this one too but I can't remember why:

Oh and this one too!


Brett Jones said...

My big toe is pretty much just a big toe. The others are pretty special though. The number two toe (assuming Mr. Big is number one) is a bit longer then the Big guy and curves off towards the outside of my feet. The remaining three toes have slight curve towards the inside of my feet.

Now if only number two and the remaining three toes were a couple of inches longer (and I could articulate them properly), my feet could do a passable lobster claw impersonation. I'd be a big hit at Halloween parties (Assuming I went as a crustacean, otherwise it's just creepy).

Anyway since my feet are more Side Show Freak than Fancy, I'll assume AMR wasn't talking to me bid you all good day.

Toddrod said...

Redundant Rosen strikes again!


Anonymous said...

Quote of the repost:

"I'm not an economist but I'm sure that repost did a bit to solve the bailout crisis of AIG. Or how I like to pronounce it, "AEEEEEG".

-----Red Eye's business reporter (They really do have one), MC "I learned alot to know alot" HAMMER

Joe said...

I'm just glad the Masala Bhangra video is first because that's still my favorite. Second place is a tie between "I Only Drive Winners" and "It's All About Design" (the one that starts near the Brooklyn Bridge. Yes, yes, I know... it's DUMBO in NYC parlance. Don't be so uppity!)

They're all really good though. I think they should all be edited together and shown at Sundance next year!

Wow - it was 40 degrees here this morning and tonight it will probably get below freezing. I may have to turn the heat on for the first time tomorrow. I like this weather though. I was outside last week and it was sunny and cool, and I thought it was the PERFECT day. It was 64 degrees. I then decided that wherever Heaven is, it's 64 degrees. Or at least my part of it is.

Now that's assuming I'll be going there. To those of you who think I might go somewhere else, I'll say this: you might be right. But I'm hoping some of those nasty things I said to the nuns long ago will be overlooked.