Friday, September 05, 2008

Register on minispace, you know, if you want

Hey blog readers! I'm still on a rooftop however if you're watching and enjoying the videos you should sign up on and leave comments so the videos don't feel sad. Also. I just interviewed the most amazing drag queen ever.
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Joe said...

Done and done, Miss R.

I had some trouble entering comments. The space to enter a comment doesn't immediately appear when you click on the button. I had to hit the TAB key a few times until it finally came up. But I got 'er done!

Looks like you might get some rain today. Better bring your unbrella and rain slicker.

Wow, do I sound like Mr. Mom or what?

Ted from Accounting said...

I figured it out right away! LOL

But we all know that is because it's me! Just messing with ya Joe!

Joe said...

Ted, this new fangled internet thing still confuses me. And it doesn't take much.