Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Post Red Eye

On my way back to OC after doing Red Eye. The LA bureau is a whole different vibe than New York. It's almost like a local branch of a bank, except the pens aren't on chains and actually this bank metaphor is a terrible one. But it's very relaxed and kind of sleepy and bungalowesque as opposed to nyc which is big and imposing and bustling and frenetic. That was kind of redundant, huh?

Anyway in the midst of doing the show I read an email from a fan that kind of rattled me which I'm embarrassed to admit since I think I'm supposed to be above all that or something. Anyway. I need to learn better email management.

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Anonymous said...

Quote of the Red Eye:

"I wish I could watch Red Eye tonight but I'm too busy getting red eye clots for myself. And for those wondering what my next trick would be, it is me getting those darn clots out of my eyes..."

---David Blaine

Tom Rafferty said...

AR - you're looking great as always, but for goodness sake, if you aren't qualified to weigh-in on certain political conversations, it's better not to. There is no Rove-Cheney cabal. For starters Rove and Cheney don't like each other and were often at policy odds in the White House (Rove is a lot smarter and more progressive and pushed harder for things like African AIDS initiatives). Also, Cheney hates McCain and McCain hates him even more. No McCain/Palin connection to Cheney whatsoever. They have tolerated each other since the 80's. Did you see Cheney at the Republican Convention for McCain? No! You did not. So stop echoing even a scintilla of Naomi Wolfe's hysteria. Let her embarrass herself, you don't need to go there. You're wiser and wittier on other matters. Rock the pop culture world like no one else, but the poltics thing is not quite a good fit. You're still awesome though!

Joe said...

Wow - it was SO GREAT seeing you on Red Eye again, Alison! It seems like it's been forever since you've been on, but I guess it's really only been about a month and a half. Still way too long between apearances.

That whole thing about Hugh Hefner... ugh! It's like Weekend at Bernie's III. He's had a good life - why doesn't he just get a nice place by the ocean somewhere and live out his years in some kind of dignity. He's 82 - doesn't he realize people are laughing at him?

I agree that LA and NYC are very different. I think it's because NYC is a much older city. But who knows - in 100 years LA may look the same (as envisioned in Blade Runner).

So in the LA studio you don't really see anything, right? You can hear what's going on but otherwise you're staring into a camera. That must be a little strange.

Do you know Santa Monica very well? The hotel where I used to stay was on the corner of Pico and Ocean Blvd. It used to be called the Pacific Shores Hotel but now it's a boutique hotel called the Viceroy. I loved staying there. It's close to the ocean and Santa Monica Pier. The last time I checked in, I was on the top floor facing the ocean. Doesn't get much better than that!

Brett Jones said...

RE: Tom's comments.

And while your at it little lady, why don't you go get yerself a man and proceed towards your rightful place of barefoot and pregnant.

What a Tool.

Rbastid said...

Hmmm was that email from me about how it was funny when you almost tripped on the plane when trying to get to the back? If so, uhhh yeah someone told me about it.

Kinda been in a haze the last week over some things so I've got a backlog of AMR things to catch up on, too bad it'll take me a week to catch last nights redeye, atleast this site should keep me up.

michelangelo2005 said...

Thank God for DVR. The best thing for my demographics. You were great. You're one of the best guests. Pretty and witty. I Googled Tom R. but couldn't find him. Found you instead. OC..cool. I have a 2nd home there.
That show is so funny. Looking forward to seeing you again. Your other space mentioned a bummer email. Procees your feelings with a freind and let it go.
Michael Meyer

Scott said...


I thought you looked beautiful last night on Red Eye!!

I can't believe Greg Gutfeld doesn't introduce you with some borderline inappropriate reference to your pretty doe brown eyes or sexy full lips. You always get introduced as just the 'funny girl'--What's up with that? You're hot AND funny!...and now that we've seen your Roof Top videos we know you can dance too--you're a TRIPLE THREAT! :)

My aim is true,


Anonymous said...

To Brett Jones' awe-inspiring tool comment: Brett, what I was saying was public people like Alison have a responsibility to not comment with any definity on something they have not factually confirmed (unless they are joking - she said there was some truth to Naomi W's assertion and even Andy Levy called her out on it - pay attention!). I wasn't "tooling" for anyone - that rule of thumb applies to left or right. But thanks for your reactionary insight - the world will rest better tonight for it I'm sure.

Brett Jones said...

AMR if you'd rather not post this please don't. This is your "Home" and I'm just a guest.

Here's my next reactionary insight.

Regardless of it being on FNC, Red Eye is not at all serious, in fact shockingly enough it's a comedy show. I know Greg tries to make a serious point from time to time, but even in those moments the underlying joke is paramount. If the joke bombs everyone just goofs on Greg. The same holds true with the other guests, hence Andy "Scolding" Alison.

Having to go over this I feel like I was just explaining to a child that the elements of a stove are hot, and the child was a 15 year old.

Also, calling you a Tool did not imply you were "Tooling" for anyone, it was a simple insult I sent your way because I though you were being a Dick. You see using "Tool" is another way of calling you a "Dick". It's part of the vernacular of today's youth.

Anonymous said...

Brett seems eerily obsessed with penises :-o

Tom Rafferty said...

Brett, have a glass of wine, call your shrink and tell him/her your inferiority complex is manifesting itself in Alison's comments thread again. And please, for all of our sakes, don't drive or operate heavy machinery while comtemplating why no one likes you.

Brett Jones said...

Touché Mr. Rafferty. You have soundly put me in my place Sir. Just for the record, my mother likes me.

Ted from Accounting said...

Can someone please call me a "dick!"
Either one of you will do! But if it comes from Brett I'll feel more at home!