Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Okay so it wasn't yoga I was doing that day

The Masala Bhangra video is up. (Thanks to Joe for tipping me off!) It's not on YouTube yet or I'd post it here but you can see it at http://www.minispace.com/en_us/projects/mini-rooftop-nyc/

And in case you are wondering, up until about fifteen minutes before I left the house I was planning on wearing regular exercise clothes because, as I lamented in a previous post, I didn't have access to sweatbands or funny clothes. But then I saw that V Magazine t-shirt I'd been given as a party favor the night before and I ripped the neckband off, Flashdance-style but I was too overzealous in the ripping. On a lark I safety pinned it and then turned the sleeve excess into wristbands. I tied my bathrobe sash around my forehead as I do every morning. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm not only a phenomenal dancer but a burgeoning designer as well.

See all the MINIspace videos here: http://www.minispace.com/en_us/projects/mini-rooftop-nyc/videos/


Ted from Accounting said...

Damn! You got moves girlfriend! Nice bandanna AMR!

Joe said...

When I first started watching the video I thought it was a trailer for the new ABC Afterschool Special: "Alison Rosen Meets the Karate Kid."

Rbastid said...

Theres a reason your a TV superstar and everyone else isn't, and I think this is why.

That was so great, had me cracking up here at work. You reminded me a little of 2 of my friends this past weekend after about 11 drinks, but in a good way.

Now enough of this miniroof poo, we need you back on High Def TV and teh bloggins.

Toddrod said...

I agree with Joe, that was the best video of the rooftop series by far. You were.... fascinating. Actually, the cookies reminded me about a dream I was having the other night. I've told at least three people about this dream, but nobody seems to believe me. I was dreaming that I was eating a warm, thick, chocolate chip cookie with macadamia nuts. Then I suddenly woke up, and my pillow was in my mouth, and I had obviously been chewing on it. I swear!


Anonymous said...

Quote of the exercise fashion alert:

"Your clinical diagnosis is a wardrobe malfunction. I will instill a million ml of fashion sense into you I.V immediatlly. If your not laughing, this comment wasn't meant to be funny because it is on a subject of a very serious matter....."

---Dr. Sanjay Gupta