Friday, September 05, 2008

the kind of thing that drives me nuts

At the end of the interview DJ Diplo said "well that was a great interview" as he was walking away and I don't know if he was being sarcastic or sincere.


Joe said...

I'm sure you're doing fine, Miss R. You have a lot of experience and you're GREAT at what you do. Don't start second-guessing yourself!

I'm so glad the conventions are over! But I really do want to see what the latest polls say. It'll be interesting to see what kind of impact Palin has on the race.

Brett Jones said...

I'm a bit of a brute and not at all adverse to violence, so call me if Diplo gives you any trouble and "I'll give him what for" (I' was watching Bugs Bunny this morning and I've been wanting to use that phrase all day. Thanks AMR).

Seriously I'll add a ditto to Joe's thoughts. The clip you posted yesterday was fun to watch because of you, not the guy you were interviewing.

Let us know when the latest videos are up.

Ted from Accounting said...

Anyone named DJ diplo is probably not someone that I care what they think? Who is that?

We all know that you are the best celebrity interviewer in NY!