Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I look so shiny


Toddrod said...

Shine on your crazy diamond!


Anonymous said...

Quote of the pix:

"The scene looks like a big event. Such a killer shot , will you three be my jurors in my new case? Don't worry, I will get 9 more people as well. You won't be divided into fours to make up the whole 12-man jury !(4 multiplied by 3 is 12 or perhaps a worst remake of the 1957 Henry Fonda movie !!!)"


Go USC !!!!!

Joe said...

I saw that picture on the MINI Space site yesterday. At first I thought the title of your post was "I look so skinny" and I thought, "Yeah, she kinda does."

There was another pic of you on the site a few days ago. I'll go find it...

Here it is:

You look skinny there too.

Ted from Accounting said...

I really wasn't thinking "shiny" to describe it...maybe more like "professional" "deep in thought" "incredibly gorgeous"...oh well, "shiny" works too!

I'm digging all this away from Red Eye stuff!

Anonymous said...

Quote of the miscalculation:

"Each of the 4 persons divided into 3 (NOT 4) parts make up twelve to complete the 12 (dis)member jury."


(MIscalculation as in 4 *4=12 not why I didn't use the right size gloves to wash my dishes. When I mean wash my dishes, I really mean it.....)

(This Saturday's scores USC 50000-Ohio state nuthin !!!!)

Anonymous said...

Be careful around all the Euro dudes Ali. Just say no to after
dark parties in hotel rooms with
German guys you've just met who
want to watch 'Hostel' with you.