Sunday, August 24, 2008

Whilst packing

Finding old IM conversations makes me think two things:

1. Why was I dealing with these things on IM?

2. Why did I save this? Now I feel icky!

3. Ok I lied, I think there's a third. I was probably too hard on this guy.

4. No, not you.

5. Actually, I'm going to quote from this, because it's interesting. This is what someone said to me, and I'm afraid it's true. "On the one hand I think you are sweet and reasonable and that all people should be treated with respect and dignity and blah blah blah, but on the other hand I'm getting angry because it's like you have this totally unrealistic expectation of how people should behave towards eachother and you are cutting off a very major area of human emotion -- the shitty sector."
I swiftly ripped apart that logic. Like, immediately, but I think there's a little kernal of truth in there that I should pay attention to. Maybe.
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todd said...

I do the same damn thing, save every email and IM, then 5 years later wonder why I felt it was important to save it, as if I want to go through THAT again.

On a side note, 'the shitty sector' is now the name of a new song I'm working on.

Ted from Accounting said...

What's an IM? Does that have something to do with menstrual cycles? I'm sure I don't save those things either!

Anonymous said...

Late quote of the INStant Messageing(IM):

"Wow the Olympics is finally over. I can finally sleep !"