Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am alive!

Sorry blogreaders, I've been kinda MIA today. Last minute moving junk and either stress is making me feel like I'm going to barf or I really am going to barf. Which is good when you think about it because it'll lighten the load. At one point today I stood in front of five rolls of carpet which ranged in color from sand to taupe and then decided that I really couldn't decide today. I'm bad at decisions and I'm bad at being bad at decisions. But I am totally ready to talk about fall fashion trends on Good Day New York on Friday morning at 7:45am, so if you happen to be up and in New York, do tune in. I see it like this: I'll talk about fall fashion trends while modeling a look from past seasons. I call it the "this was hanging in my closet" look. Well, to be honest it might be the "this was hanging in my closet except for part of it which was crumpled on my floor." That look, by the way, is hot on all the runways in between my bedroom and living room.

Tomorrow is the official move, by the way. I'm at that point where I'm not just bringing stuff that I need or love, I'm just dumping crap into boxes. It's a sort of defeat, but it sure goes faster!


Brett Jones said...


A 7:45 commitment the day after a move.

I am impressed.

Not to add anymore pressure to your life, but I do expect a nice vlog that includes a tour of your new digs once you're settled.

Toddrod said...

I have an important decision to make for this weekend. I can stay home for a four day weekend, and do absolutely nothing. On the other hand, one of my friends asked me to go to Las Vegas for a birthday party. I'm leaning towards Las Vegas, but I just know I'm gonna forget what I did when Tuesday comes.