Monday, August 18, 2008

How am I feeling?

I'm feeling stressed about moving, that's how, and it's a totally free-floating kind of stress that's really the worst kind because if I get distracted I feel like I'm forgetting something and then I realize that what I'm forgetting is to sit still and fret about moving. I should tie a dining set around my finger so I remember to worry.

Anyone care to recommend any movers?

Also, did anyone watch the Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget? It was funny.

I guess that's all for now, although I'm sure there's more.


Rbastid said...

Are there other moving companies besides Moishas, Moeishas, Moyshas, yeah i'm not really sure what the name actually is.

Why not just get friends to come over for a dinner party and then tell them the party is at your new house, so if they are going that way they might as well bring a couch.

Brett Jones said...

We (as in friends and family) would always gather some pickup trucks and maybe a moving van then just have at it. After it was over there was always a party and a nice meal.

That said, I've always lived in suburban areas (until the move to Maine) of varying degree's. Moving someone into a multistory building with little to no parking must be a huge pain.

Make sure the movers are insured and document (with pictures) anything nice that you want to make it through unscathed. Now that I think about it, "apartment sluts" likely don't need any advice when dealing with movers.

Honestly, if I was closer I'd give you a hand.

Brett Jones said...

When is the big move anyway?

Toddrod said...

I was feeling a little stressed this morning because I saw that Alison's next appearance on Red Eye will be on Monday, August 25. I was stressing because I started to think to myself, "oh crap, is that Sunday/Monday or Monday/Tuesday?" Then to my astonishment, Alison calmed all of my angst by telling me that it would indeed be on Monday night/Tuesday morning! Thank you Alison's father for giving her good feedback!


Sean said...


New to the blog, love your articles and when your on Red Eye!

I watched the roast and it was good, but I cannot decide if Norm McDonald was flat out terrible or if he did his set on purpose (I'm guessing on purpose).

What do you think?

Joe said...

I forgot all about the Saget roast! But like you said, they rerun things a lot, so I'll tune in and watch it at some point.

Yeah, moving is really stressful. And isn't it always strange sleeping the first night in a new place? You're usually only half unpacked, dead-tired, can't find anything, and you have to get used to a new room and all the new sounds (traffic, etc). I once moved into a new apartment and on the first night had a terrible nightmare that someone broke in. Stressful.

But I may be able to relieve some of your stress. Assuming you really are going to buy a dog, I've taken the liberty of putting together some possible names. Here's my list...

Max, Lady, Annie, Joe, Buddy, Sparky, Joe, Ginger, Joe, Barney, Coco, Mimi, Joe, Princess, Duke, Joe, Cody, Joe, Rusty, Abby, Joe, Shelby, Daisy and Joe.

Those are all good names, but I highly recommend one that begins with a "J".

Keeva said...

Remember that moving beats the hel out of cleaning the bathroom or refrigerator.