Sunday, August 03, 2008

A dog, shoes, and the promenade

I was moving photos off my camera and onto my computer and found a few I thought I'd post. The first is Brooklyn Heights taken from the promenade yesterday when I was wandering around apartment hunting:

The second is a view of some trash in a trash can with the promenade in the back:

And then here's Tobey from when my parents were here:

And here, too, is Tobey. Also? Some shoes.

I should get back to vlogging. I will do that soon, promise!


Anonymous said...

Quote of the other doggy style photo:
(I hope this is the first post. If not, it would be very unforgivable like how Patrick Harris had to do that Old Spice CommercIAL. Dammit, I'm a Doogie Houser Fan, WHY'D YOU DO THAT PATRICK HUH? WHY ?)

"NIce feet in the pix were you're next to the dog but I'm sorry I got no cultural references to make in this post because how in the world can I make one about Mama MIa ? Or perhaps High school musical 3 ? Or the new Mummy movie ? Just go to this link instead if you want to be RickRolled for the hundreth time.Or somewhat like it ......


Joe said...

Wow... those pictures bring back memories of NYC. I know I've mentioned going there a lot when I was growing up, but they also remind me of one of my A.F. roomates in North Dakota. He was from Flatbush, and one Christmas we both took vacation and drove home. We left Minot on Friday afternoon and drove almost nonstop to NYC, arriving around 10am Sunday morning. Long trip - and not without incident.

We didn't know the alternator stopped charging the car's battery, so when I stalled the car at a toll booth outside Chicago, I couldn't restart it. We had to push the car to the side of the road (someone soon pulled over and gave us a jump). Then the car suddenly stopped running in Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY. Somehow Richie got it going again after 20 minutes and we made it the rest of the way.

The trip back was much better.

More vlogs - YAY!!!!

Joe said...

The photo with the trash can reminds me of a picture I took in San Francisco once, looking down Hyde Street to the Bay and Alcatraz. I thought it would be a great shot, but when I looked at it later I realized there was a dumpster in the foreground. Ugh!!! Still a good picture though - I posted it on the Activity Pit so you can see it.

Ted from Accounting said...

I've never been to NY but is that one pic of Lower Manhattan? I think it is...Cool Pics!

You should VLOG from the Gym this time...or do one of those Lip Synch Music that would be interesting!