Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby manatee break

I received a request for a baby manatee and as I don't have the time to give birth right now, I thought I'd just post this photo.


Joe said...

Are you sure that isn't Greg's stunted half-brother Gunnar? We've never seen Gunnar out of the shoe box so it's hard to tell.

No, I guess it really is a manatee. And doesn't he/she have the two most perfectly shaped nostrils you've ever seen? Very symmetrical and evenly spaced. That's probably one of the main criteria for judging entrants in manatee beauty contests - nostril symmetry. I've noticed that women also appear more attractive if their nostrils are symmetrical. There should be more cosmetics devoted to female nostrils. Don't ya think?

Tonight I'm feeling the very first pangs of Olympic withdrawal. After 12 days of intense competition, there are no more events I'm interested in watching. Well, there's the men's marathon Sunday morning (Saturday night here). But my interest in that event is at best lukewarm.

How many days until the Winter Olympics in Vancouver??? I may create a countdown calendar. No, not really. (But they start on February 12, 2010!)

Rbastid said...

Hahah this is great to start my day, thanks Alison.