Thursday, July 17, 2008

An update about my precious tresses

Today I accidentally washed my hair with body wash. The kind for your body. I don't know how it happened. I mean, I do, but it's a long story which I don't care to share so I'd appreciate if you would stop trying to get it out of me. I mean, I noticed that it wasn't really lathering in the regular shampooey way, but I just let it go. Actually, that's not true either, I decided not to fight the lack of suds and so I just poured more into my palm. So what I'm trying to say is that today I washed my hair with a shitload of body wash. Then upon realizing it I decided to wash it with shampoo and I wasn't sure whether that would restore some precious pH level and amino something or other and pump up the volume or whether it would further damage and strip my once lovely locks. Then I conditioned, careful not to be pouring hand lotion into my hair because I've lost confidence in my ability to shower effectively.

Then I ate a bar of soap, because why not.


Rbastid said...

At least you remembered not to use a pumas stone as a wash cloth.

Ted from Accounting said...


I was in a total zen state...listening to music and decided to Read some don't disappoint! That was some funny stuff!

I'd completely remove your bottle of Nair from the bathroom though!

Toddrod said...

I have no idea what this post is talking about. Soap is soap. Water is water. I don't get it.

Joe said...

Ted, I remember a long time ago hearing about someone who accidently used Nair on their hair. Not recommended - unless you're going for the Larry Fine look.

Todd, my guess is that body wash isn't intended for the hair, just like you wouldn't normally use shampoo to wash your face. Women are fussy about their hair care products like guys are fussy about what kind of oil they put in their car. Most women think all oil is the same (we guys know better.)

When I was a kid I drank a small cup of dish detergent thinking it was juice. Wasn't too happy with my sister who left it on the table, but I had the cleanest colon in my 4th grade class that week!

Brett Jones said...

Clearly you need help in the shower.

I'm willing to bet one of your adoring blog fans would set aside time during their busy day to assist you by handing you the correct soap product in the correct order of application and maybe even Luffa that hard to reach spot on your back.

Joe said...

Brett, since we'd all clearly jump at the chance to assist Alison with her.. uhhhh... personal care needs, I suggest we all take turns. I'll take Mondays and alternate Thursdays.

Brett Jones said...


Since I'm so far away I'll have to limit myself to special events and seasonal parties. I feel like I'm letting Alison down though.