Friday, July 18, 2008

puppies and lesbians

I don't mean to blow smoke up Gawker's ass by linking to them twice recently but their referring to Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson as "lesbadoodles" cracks me up.

Incidentally, when my friend Dustin and I worked at Time Out New York we wanted to breed puppies in the kitchen and call them TONYdoodles. Somehow that morphed into discussions of doodledoodles, but I can't remember why exactly.


Toddrod said...

That's hilarious! Now I want a "doodle" name. I can be Toddadoodle, and we can have Tedadoodle, Brettadoodle, rbastidoodle, joeadoodle, and Alison can be AMRadoodle. How about Alidoodle? Rorodoodle?


Rbastid said...

I'd be a little worried about Tonydoodles, sounds less like breeding and more like what Schulz would do if he had a puppy.

Granted the Nobel Piece prize should go to the person that thought up the Cockapoo, really now they weren't even trying to give the poor thing a real name.

Brett Jones said...

Hrm.. I'm going to have to noodle this doodle naming business.

I've never had a nick name (and no, my aunts calling me Brettsy as a kid doesn't count.), and I always thought when I was finally given one it would be a little more regal than Brettadoodle.

Duane Reade said...

A doodledoodle is one of the possible outcomes when two labradoodles breed.

1. doodledoodle (basically a labradoodle that generates twice the normal amount of poop)

2. doodlelabra (a labradoodle that likes to perch atop pianos)

3. labralabra (but this has only been achieved in the laboratory so far -- only exists for a few hours before exploding)

4. another labradoodle

Also, if you cross a labrador retreiver and a poodle you never know if you'll get a labradoodle or a poodledor. One is cute and cuddly but the other is known to eat small children alive.

If you cross a labradoodle with a poodledor the result is either a labrapoodledoodledor or a poodlelabradordoodle.