Friday, July 18, 2008

I had three railroads and Boardwalk and two yellows

We had to cut the Monopoly game short so I can go to sleep and be coherent tomorrow but that's quite alright because I was losing anyway. Perhaps I angered the Monopoly gods when I placed the top hat on my head, picked up the iron in my right hand and the dog in my left and announced, 'Hi, I'm here to iron your dog.'
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Joe said...

Nice appearance on F&F this morning Alison! You looked GREAT. It was nice to see the body wash incident of a couple of days ago had no negatives effect on your hair.

They really need to make that segment a little longer though. And maybe cut the stupid sound effects.

Speaking of Monopoly, someone in the Activity Pit suggested having a Red Eye version of the game. People thought Bryant Park should be Boardwalk, Jail should be Greg's basement, Bill should be Park Place, and you should be Free Parking. How would you feel about being Free Parking? It beats being Income Tax.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!!

Brett Jones said...

Still more video of Alison with immobile legs. Really, are you dead from the waist down?

I'm with Joe. The segment is way to short. Plus it's way to early for all the alarms and buzzers.

When is FNC going to give AMR a larger role? Personally I'd tune in to watch her talk about Tobey, or the air conditioner falling out of her window or a wild and crazy Monopoly filled Friday night. I'd tune in twice if she was standing and walking.

Ted from Accounting said...

Would you ever consider playing competitive "Hungry Hippo" with me?

It can get was my version of Monopoly while growing up!