Sunday, July 27, 2008

dogs, parents

I think my dad just kind of encouraged me to get a puppy! It's pretty sad that at my age I still need my parents' approval for basic life decisions—like inviting adorableness into my heart and home—however I would have guessed they wouldn't think I was mature enough to get a dog—which is also funny since I suspect they think I'm mature enough to have a child. Speaking of, I should water Fred.


Toddrod said...

I'm not mature enough to have a fern. *sigh*


Rbastid said...

Oh how I hope Fred isn't your pet hampster.

Also as the norm, my verifitcation word is ahclay, so is either making love to a bad singer or a lump of clay.

Brett Jones said...

Get a Lab, or some other sizable dog. Being able to spoon with it make the large poo all worth it.

Ted from Accounting said...

Did the whole VLOG thing die out already? I miss seeing Fred!

Oh, get a dog already! They are man's best friend...but they like women too!