Thursday, June 19, 2008

"The right to bare arms"

I actually heard someone on TV say this while discussing whether women should go sleeveless to somber events. There are a lot of things I could say about this, none of which I have time to say right now. I'm sorry. I'm giving you blue blog.


Rbastid said...

So your just gonna make us go to our Blog Hookers like Activity Pit and your friend's doughnut blog now to get our Bloggy rocks off?

....Ok I'm done, how bout you?

Brett said...

It's Bear arms people. Haven't you all seen the T-Shirt.

Ted from Accounting said...

Blue blog!?!?!?! LOL

I wanted to go on the Diana show thingy but just can't get up that early! Let us know how it went!

Joe said...

You're such a tease!

How was the show with Diana Falzone??

Toddrod said...

rbastid needs a blog towel! hahaha I crack myself up. :p