Saturday, June 21, 2008

I just heard this on TV

"Alright, Twitch and Kerrington performed a moving Viennese waltz dedicated to their choreographer's disabled daughter."

I don't mean to make light of what I'm sure is a poignant plot twist on So You Think You Can Dance, however that sentence, which I just heard on the TV Guide Channel's Reality Chat, which, incidentally, I would like to host should they be looking for new hosts, is like something out of an S.J. Perelman essay.


Joe said...

I'm watching the Women's Olympics Gymnastics trials right now as I type. Well, not as I type because I'm looking at the keyboard as I type. You know what I mean.

Oh! I just missed a Omelianchik (a back dive with a quarter-twist, ending in a handstand) - one of my favorite moves on the balance beam.

I'm always amazed watching gymnastics - especially women's. I can barely walk upright and these incredibly talented girls, some only 15, do just amazing things.

Darn... I just missed a Pak Salto on the Uneven Parallel Bars. OK, now they're replaying it in slowmo. Amazing. I wonder if I can manage to walk to the kitchen without stubbing my toe. It's probably about a 50/50 chance.

I didn't spot one pun in your last 3 posts, Alison. I guess you can skip the Punsaholics Anonymous meeting this week!

Toddrod said...

OK... I'm just posting cuz I feel bad that only Joe made a comment here. It's not a real post, but I want Alison to look good all the time, and when she makes a post on her blog that only garnishes one response, well that doesn't look good, in my opinion. So here I am.