Sunday, June 29, 2008


Last night I hung out with carbo-loading internet celebrity Mike Boyle, AKA The Donut Reporter, who let me know with, dare I say, a bit of an edge in his voice that his blog "isn't just about donuts." Or maybe he said, "my blog isn't really about donuts." I forget—since he wasn't talking about me, I was only pretending to be listening. This was on our way back from the aforementioned meat party which, incidentally, was thrown by a vegetarian and didn't involve actual meat but did involve someone coming up to me and saying the words I've forever longed to hear, words usually reserved for Scott Baio, Bill Maher and Kato Kaelin: "Hey, didn't I meet you at the Playboy Mansion?" (Yes, he had actually.)

Earlier in the night, Donutz and I were talking about his insane blog traffic after his being mentioned on Blogs of Note. I told him I'm just dying for a taste of that sweet sweet blogs of note pie because I am a blog and I am noteworthy.

But lady blogs of note is a fickle mistress. Still, I will keep wishing and hoping for my moment.

In the meantime, let me tell you about my exciting idea for a business venture. Classypiñ!

A piñata filled with high-end goods like individually wrapped filets, cravats, cigars, healthy orphans ready for adoption, etc. Think about it. Why must your piñata be filled with sweet tarts and plastic spiders and the like? Would the Real Housewives of Orange County bust open a piñata filled with that crap? I don't think so!


Rbastid said...

Your idea reminds me of a friend's brilliant idea to put small liqueur bottles in a Pinata (I don't have the tilde power). Lets just say we spent the next 10 minutes mopping up the floor and trying to get baileys out of all the candy.

Ted from Accounting said...

Actually, adult-pinatas (not sure how to do the line above the n but I did take two years of Spanish in college and made dozens of party trips to Tijuana so I realize it belongs there) is a really good idea! Filled with obviously adult party types of things! Let me know if you want a business partner on this one!