Saturday, April 26, 2008

Damn you, Michelle Collins

I haven't had a drink since over a month ago, which is likely hard to believe since I'm a total lush who's been known to teetotal for stretches, but somehow an appletini was purchased by Michelle Collins with my name on it tonight after Red Eye and I actually drank that fruity bullshit. I know I will regret this tomorrow if not sooner.


kevsnewmachine said...

You have put Gutfeld in his place. The bosses at Fox News now should see the value of women on Redeye in more than a "RedEye Candy" position. Yourself, Allison, and Michelle were on fire tonight. I will add 2 more candles to my Alison Rosen shrine.
I <3 you Great work tonight

Donny Bohac said...

Eh...I disagree. Gutfeld's an asshole, but he knows how to run a show. His presence makes or breaks Red Eye, in my opinion. Collins did an okay job the first couple of times she filled in for Levy, but her comedy has gotten stale quickly. The "Hollaaa", "Ladieesss" , "Fellaaaas" shit's got to stop. It's almost as old as Gutfeld's houseboys.

Alison, you were funny. I actually busted out laughing when you talked about Michael Jackson's "bleached mitts" and your joke died. Uncomfortable moments are often hilarious ones.

Your hair was back to normal, too, so they must have switched hairsprays again. Will you still be on again on May 1st?

Anonymous said...

Quote for the "Michelle CoLlins PoSt:

"Can U do my taxes Alison ?....hello out there... Anybody ?......HElp ........

--Wesley "Blade" Snipes

Anonymous said...

Well, I will just say that the show started out a little slow, but I put that on the pressure to perform cuz Greg wasn't there! The whole show's dynamic must have felt a little different. However, once you started fumbling your words, all hell broke loose, and the show became a smashing success! Congrats on another excellent appearance, and glad I got to watch. I forgot how much I had missed you!


Joe said...

Laaaaaaaaaaaayyy Deeeeeeeesssss..

Great job by Michelle Collins subing for Greg last night. Very funny, very quick. I'm not sure I could take her EVERY night, but once in a while she's a lot of fun.

Excellent job as always, Alison - especially given the short notice. It was a very good show overall - great segments, great guests.

Regarding the answering questions thing from yesterday... it's up to Alison whether she wants to respond to questions or not. If I had a blog, I wouldn't want to have to answer every question people pose. Alison already posts a lot of information about herself and also puts up with a lot of nonsense from us (I'm putting myself at the very top of THAT list). It's her blog after all, and we need to let her decide what to post. The same goes for the Activity Pit. It's great that Alison, Greg, Andy, Bill and others take time to participate as much as they do.

And listen, Alison could ever be snooty. She's a very talented, smart and down-to-earth person. I say that after reading her blog for the last 6 months, reading her posts on the Activity Pit... and having spent a long weekend with her in Atlantic City in March. One room w/king size bed, people!!

Donny Bohac said...

How anyone could possibly get the impression that Alison's "snooty" is beyond me. Maybe her apparent fascination with herself (a bit of her humor that is obviously, and deliciously, way over the heads of most people) is what fuels that narcissistic image, but anyone that reads her blog for just five minutes should be able to tell she's not "snooty", she just has standards.

Ted from Accounting said...

I realize I'm late posting blog so fast nowadays! Anyway, awesome job on Red Eye last night. I actually liked the whole show! I thought Michelle did a good job! As always, you were the shedazzle! Mike Baker was funny! So A+s for everyone!

tayb7 said...

I used to think you and Michele Collins were the same person, which was kind of re re of me. Excellent job to the both of you.