Sunday, March 02, 2008

You requested photos of the mini band reunion?

Here we are, playing at Yami's wedding reception on gear we borrowed from the actual wedding band and friendly instrument-owning friends. That's Tim on drums, Paula (lead vocals) in the middle and Yami in the wedding dress on the right. Tim and Paula still play in bands. After The Angoras (that was our name), Tim moved to Portland to play in the now defunct Epoxies, and Paula moved to Seattle and she plays in The Heels.

This is an un-hot shot of me. But I like the Paula and Yami action. But wait, how could we so effortlessly just pick up and play after so many years? I'm kind of joking, since I don't know how seamless it really was, but anyway, we practiced earlier that day:

Here's Yami and me, yesterday morning, on borrowed equipment in our friend's studio in the back of a part of Costa Mesa, CA referred to as "Analog Alley" because of a couple recording studios there that until recently eschewed digital technology. That was the first time I've touched a guitar in years. Later that night I played drums for awhile (when the band formed I was the drummer, which is a long story for another day), but anyway, now I really miss playing, even if my hands are blistered.

Jodey from Supernova on left, Paula and Yami. But wait, now you're probably wanting to see some pictures from back in the day, right? I know you so well.

Here's a tour shot. We were playing Old Ironsides in Sacramento. This must have been about 7 or 8 years ago, because Yami was pregnant with her daughter in this shot, and her daughter is now 7, which makes me feel uncomfortably old. Also on this tour people kept asking if I was pregnant, because they heard someone in the band was pregnant, which was good for my self-esteem."Well, you're glowing!" they'd say when I reacted violently.

Yami on tour

Paula on tour

Me, playing at the Troubadour. I think we were opening for the Murder City Devils here.

Tim, in a mullet fashioned from my blue hair extensions. (We had some time to kill on tour)


Anonymous said...

That is so fascinating to me. I absolutely loved the pics from the wedding thingie and the back in the day pics as well. I'm so glad to see you having a wonderful experience with your friends. I'll say this. As a southern gentleman, I don't mind telling you I like looking at pretty girls. There is also no such thing as an un-hot Alison pic. It simply just doesn't exist. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It made my day. I also would like to send a shout-out to your friend that got married. Good luck to them. You have some pretty neat friends.


Mr. Ricardo said...

Amazing! Um, yeah that's it no other comments from me. Oh, except you still look the same from the touring shots to the wedding shots. You just don't age.

Joe said...

Those photos are awesome, Alison!! You all look terrific. And Hot!

Playing together again must have brought back a lot of great memories. I had a couple of friends in high school who formed a band. They were twin brothers. It was always fun going over to their place to listen to them. A few years after I graduated, I went back home for a few days and stopped in at a night spot. They happened to be playing there that night. We hadn't been in contact at all, so it was a wonderful surprise.

Thanks for posting those pics! Best wishes to Yami and her new hubby!

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of people enjoying the company of friends, we're firin' up the ole' pit this evenin'. (We say pit in the south instead of, well, you know.) Big juicy steaks and all the fixins'.
You'll have to excuse my slang. It's like that sometimes. Gotta take advantage of the warm weather ya' know. Oh yeah, there will be some Tony Chachere's involved. Creole style.


Ted from Accounting said...

Holy Shit! This is Alison overload day! I'm speechless! I've been super busy the last few days but I've been hoping you would post some pics and you didn't disappoint. These are awesome! I'll post some comments tonight after I soak all of these in! LOL

Ted from Accounting said...

That first picture of you and the Gibson "Les Paul" is by far my favorite Alison Rosen picture. That photo literally rocks! I wish I had the Alison Angora signed edition!

I have a Gibson "Les Paul" for my Guitar Hero III game. I know that doesn't impress anyone but I'm thinking of actually taking up guitar lessons because of how much fun I've had playing that game.

I think we all enjoy seeing you having so much fun! Hey whatever happened to all of the "Dave" stuff we helped you with?

Pow said...

I hadn't had much time for the computer today. So I figured I'd see what was up over here. That's awesome! Thank you for sharing those with us.
I told you the rock would not be impeded.

Pow said...

When I said I hadn't had much time for the computer, I meant that finally see what was up . Normally I would have seen the pics earlier than that. I just read that and it seemed like I was bored so I came over. Not the case at all. I think way too much...

As it is very cool way to end the night.

Laura said...

Oh my god, awesome! Can we please arrange for a show somewhere in New York? I really, really want to see/hear you play. And I want to throw my panties on your stage. Duck!

Seinfelds Evil Clone said...

Sweet Les Paul Ms. Rosen.... the fact that you're a Gibson Gal knocks you up many notches on the hotness scale. I wield an alpine white Gibson 1275 myself .... it makes me giggle inside.

bradleyejones said...

Great pics looks like you had alot of fun!
But what we really want to see/hear is a video of the performance!
Has to be one from the wedding!

BTW I got a new (new to me) doggy:
Bad pic but its from my phone.

Ted from Accounting said...

Ok, so I looked at the wedding pics again and I just want to make sure you don't suffer from dyslexia...because I know you wrote your 32 in your bio but you really do look more like 23!