Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Were you at the Apple Soho Store?

And did you get any pictures? They said there weren't going to be any photos allowed which I figured was just as well since my chest was looking kinda blotchy and my non-TV makeup likely wasn't doing me any favors under those harsher than I expected lights but then there were a zillion flashbulbs happening during the Q&A and I kind of wished I'd gotten a photo with Ross Schwimmer. So if you got some, let me know.

As for how the whole thingamajigiepoo went, it was fun. DSchwim kinda took the reins himself at certain points, leaving me there to fiddle with the microphone and fidget in my seat and strike that fine balance between voicing the jokes going through my head and holding them in—it was about HIM after all—but so much of performing/hosting, and especially TV which this wasn't so just bear with me while I let this pour out of my head—is about taking control of situations and being the most dominant/dynamic force in the viewfinder and so I quickly realized that the control was being wrested from me and had to then quickly calculate whether to try to get it back. I didn't, because it wasn't my TV show, it was just a live Q&A I was asked to moderate and I was providing a service.

My sister thinks it would have looked really bad if I'd grabbed the controls. I think there are people who can do it so effortlessly and instantly that you don't even really notice.

But still, I think it was a fun time.


Mr. Ricardo said...

I was there in spirit. So no pictures.

Pow said...

I wish I could have been there. St Pat's day got confusing this year. Parade Sunday, but then Monday was really the day. I was lost in a fog of guinness for 2 days. Took me yesterday to recover. Just sayin...Wish I had pics for ya. Sounds like it was fun. I'm glad.

Blotchy Chest would have made a great Phoebe song.

Joe said...

Sounds like it went well!

I was kinda sorta hoping for a pic or two. Maybe someone will send one in.

Your post reminds me of a funny SNL skit where Wm Shatner was supposedly at a Star Trek convention, taking questions from fans (and all the fans were dressed up in outlandish Star Trek costumes).

They were asking him really obscure trivia questions like, "In blah blah episode, what was the combination you entered into the safe in your cabin?"

And Shatner just looked at them like "Are you out of your minds?" but he'd say something like, "Uh, I'm sorry but I don't remember."

But he finally got fed up with all the stupid questions and started shouting, "What's wrong with you people? Do any of you have lives? Do you ever go outside?"

Then he pointed at one fan and said, "You.. when's the last time you went out with a girl?"

Still makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

I was there. David looked all scruffy and director-ly and you looked fabulous and "different thinking." I was next to a girl who was taking pictures am dismayed to report she zoomed in and framed you out of the picture.

I know, I know. I should've poked her and said "That interviewer peed on my leg yesterday."