Saturday, March 08, 2008

remainder shots

Like when I tell people the fact that I sometimes have to explain jokes means they're funny, the fact that I am looking down to see what I'm doing means I rock.


Anonymous said...

I like it!
Looking down is way cooler than looking away just show how sharp your chops are--except when George Harrison did it for the solo in "Till There Was You" on the ol' Sullivan Show.;)
Alison's on RedEye Monday! I'm happy, Pappy!--Chris M.

Anonymous said...

My friends that I've known for umpteen yrs still wonder where I'm coming from. I like having to explain it. It's like it makes it double the funny.

I like the pic. Party on Alison! Party on Garth!


Ted from Accounting said...

That photo is "Hot! Just plain Hot!"

Ok, so I mentioned that I've been playing Rock Band lately...check out this video on their site:

(Video Tab on left)

(bottom - side scroll to the "Black Hole Sun" Video)

You will see the animated version of Alison Angora on guitar...she really rocks toward the middle of the song.

The "Highway Song" video is really cool as well!

Pow said...

That picture is fantastic!
And I'm finding myself using way more excamation points than I usually do for some reason. Don't know where I picked that up. I prefer the . the !, I'm understated and don't speak in exclamations. So I shouldn't type in them. See I'm also used to explaining things. It's all about the details.
Speaking of typing. I look down sometimes when I type. I still make typos though. Even SRV looked down when he played once in a while. I did see Stevie Wonder look down while playing once when I was younger. That I still don't get. And every time I see him I still watch for it.

Tom Rotert said...

Ali M: I loved you so much more before-- when all you were to me was an OC Weekly by-line and someone commie girl belched about every now and then. Now, becuase you are becca show-me-comp's facebook friend I saw your pic, then wandered over here to see that you have been getting on quite well and are actually quite a looker after the stylist rustles you up a bit nasty-like. And, well, that really messed-up my image of you as a mildly-desperate, pudgy, under-mothered jewish girl.

Kudos to you for that. I did NOT see that one commin!

Anyhoo. I was wandering if I could come by and poke fun at you every now and then because all these other butt-wipes
(which should really be marketed not as "baby wipes" but as adult ass-wipes-- I mean, try a box-- I recommend aloe -- if you haven't already) ..... errr .... right, butt-wipes:

all these other butt-wipes around her smoochin your tush must either totally annoy you or has funked with your head enough to merit someone undetaking the task of bitch smackin' you around a bit (a la headchange's smack chat), that is if yer pretty little britches can handle it.

If you'd rather not, fine. But if you're game Ali M., then Oh, ooooh oh oh oh, pick me! pick me!

rebecca said...

Dude, did Rotert just fuckin' NEG YOU???