Sunday, March 09, 2008

I write like a dude

According to this website at least. This doesn't surprise me too much I suppose, but the weird thing is that when I pasted stuff that I was fairly sure would be "male" (a writing sample from Red Eye with loads of one-liners) it came out female, and when I put in stuff that I thought would be more female (some stuff from this blog, a chunk of my Thomas Kinkade article) it tested male. Who am I?


Ted from Accounting said...

Ok, so I'm reading along with all the posts and thinking wow Alison really does have some great bloggers!

Then I read this post and tried that gender checker (I'm totally male by the way) and clicked on the the who am I tab! I didn't expect the artist "formally known as" to pop up and started laughing out loud. It kind of woke me up in a good way!

Glad you made it back! Tell Chico I said, "What up fool!"

Mr. Ricardo said...

According to Gender Checker I'm a weak male. I felt bad. I cried. I wanted to call all my female friends because they understand me.

Actually it said I was a weak male or European, I'll take the weak male.

Anonymous said...

Cool, on my informal I'm a weak female from Europe or something. On my formal I'm male. Note: on the first one it was borderline.
I guess the plus side is, it appears I'm in touch with my feminine side. Man, I feel awkward saying that.

La. La. land.

mood: dazed and confused.

Anonymous said...

I just realized that I am officially part Euro-trash. I'm gonna go listen to "Garbage" now.


mood: it's all good.

Anonymous said...

I just finsished the Kincade article. Wow, that was so impressive to me. I really like the way you paint (no pun intended) a picture of what you are observing. I like stories like that.


Joe said...

The Gender Guesser said I'm a weak male.

My computer is now lying in thousands of tiny pieces on the floor, and I'm on the way out the door to attend a tractor pull. I'm going to pick up some chewing tobacco on the way.

Actually, that was on the informal side. On the formal side it said I'm a male. Phew!

I'm still going to that tractor pull though.