Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm sitting next to a cup of urine

I'm sitting next to a cup of urine. There are lots of cops here. And yet, this ER is like neither gray's anatomy nor law and order SVU. I took a break and went to a store called PUPPIES! I looked around but I wasn't hungry. I'm engaged in an unspoken war with my sister's boyfriend over the one seat here. I'm winning right now seeing as my ass is being gently cradled by a vinyl cushion and his is left to graze the cheapo curtain separating us from the scary scary woman in the next bed over. Yeah that's right, non-blood relative! I can outsit you so don't get any fancy ideas. MY chair. MY sister. MY perch near the neglected cup of urine.
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Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:

"You should write a book based on this day entitled "THERE WILL BE BLOOD... and BLACKBERRY."


Joe said...

"my ass is being gently cradled"

I may have trouble sleeping tonight...

Mr. Ricardo said...

I'm glad some one understands the Relative Rule.

Best friends apply, but only if they're female. That's how I understand it. This comes from my best friend who is female. I never question her, 'cause she can legally carry a gun. So, I don't question her. Did I mention that already?

Pow said...

I'm glad it wasn't a restaurant called PUPPIES. That would have been disturbing. Although HOOTERS doesn't sell owls, so it could work.
Actually it's brilliant! We could open a chain. I see the shirts with pictures of Tobey. Now we just need a menu. Have your people call my people. Well that would be me, since I have no people. Your story of sitting for your familial right has inspired. It's only one reason why this blog is so becoming.