Monday, March 17, 2008

The Angoras tracks—now embedded!

Thanks to Kim from The Activity Pit for the tips on how to do this.


Kimberly said...

That looks awesome! Hey, and sounds awesome too!


Joe said...

Is there anything Kim can't do?

Anonymous said...

I may not can hear a lick on the tracks, but I sure do like the titles. A little something for everyone here. Which brings me to a story I'd like to share. This afternoon while taking my siesta, I hear this commotion outside and it was the lawn people cutting grass and weed-eating. I was like etu Brute'? Then I walked outside, and watched who I would call Edward Scissor hands pruning the shrubbery. Well, I just lit up a Black and Mild and enjoyed them doing the work that I don't have to do. I'm lazy you see. It's 5 inches of snow one week. Hail Storms another week. Then yard maintenace the next. So you wanna live in Louisiana huh? It's somethin' else I gotta say. Now I'm gonna eat my popcorn and get ready for the Family Guy marathon. Good day.


Mr. Ricardo said...

I could listen those songs all day. Fantastic!

Pow said...

"Can she core a apple?"

So, I was checking this music out at the Pit, (oh wow 90210 fashback, bad sideburns and all) and thinking hey I like this it's got a good beat going. Maybe I could download it for a shuffle day. I didn't want to do that without express consent though. Anyone else's? In a minute I would! Just asking...

Pow said...

Those songs aren't at the pit anymore. It's just a big black space where I thought I saw them...Maybe it's a black hole. Maybe I was listening here.
Since pretty much all my internet time is spent these days at about 9 websites I say I start by process of elimination. Okay, I can rule out my blog
I think.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of The Activity Pit. I wanted to comment on the Mrs. Dhue thingie. I hope she does well with whatever path her career takes her. I'll miss her segment on The Factor. I also liked the times I was able to see her on RedEye. She exuded confidence and not only represented her state of Georgia well, she also stood for what is a true southern gal. (These are just my opinions.)

Also, I'd like to send a shout out to my fellow Louisianians who are representn' at the Pit.