Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Activity Pit

You guys probably all know about this but there's a cool Red Eye fan space here that I find myself looking at more and more. Here is my page over there. Greg, Bill, Andy and some of the other regular guests are on there too.


Anonymous said...

So I caught up on my daily Alison and Wendy blogs and tmblr thingie and I felt like one of those people on the movie "Scanners," where my head exploded. I checked out your page and I noticed someone from La. on there who is not too far from my neck of the woods. That was kinda neat. It's an interesting place, just not my cup of tea. I always get banned immediately when I go to chat rooms because I'm too opinionated. That's just how alot of us southerners are. It's a curse/gift. I do like the site though. That's how I stay abreast of stuff. Yes, I said abreast. I liked how Alison listed her interest thingie. That made me chuckle.


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Joe said...

It's a great site. A lot of new people have signed up recently. Only last week it went over 200 and now it's over 350. Greg's mentioned it on the show a few times recently, that's probably the reason.

I watched the half-time video again this morning. It's amazing how Andy can keep a deadpan expression all the time. I don't think I've ever seen him crack up.

Also thought some of the comments for the video on YouTube were good:

"Wow. Allison is so funny."
"Alison Rosen is a total hottie."
"Best Halftime report ever. Allison makes this."
"haahah thats great stuff"
"way to funny"

Ted from Accounting said...

I like the Activity Pit as well! Kudos to Kimberly for creating it. I actually started following the AP when they only had like 8 members. It is amazing to see how well it has taken off.

I realize that is where all the cool kids are hanging out these days but I prefer to be a visitor. Like Michael, I'm a bit too opinionated. I'm actually on my best behavior here. Also, this way I'm not forced to put on a shorty robe!

Anonymous said...

Ha! that was funny as hell about the shorty robe Ted. I needed a good laugh. Thank you.

I meant to tell this spin of yarn last week or so but I forgot. Anyway, apparently Tom, my one and only myspace friend didn't like my Tom,Dick, and Harry joke too much. Few days later I get this long excruciating letter about this that and the other. I was like man, just bottom line this thing already. Well, to make a short story long, I ended my ties with it. There was a comment thingie where you could say why you were ending it, and of course I took the high road. But it was hard.


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