Saturday, February 02, 2008

So you wanna quit your job?

You should try to do it near the beginning of the month because you'll get extended health insurance coverage and possibly more vacation day pay. Does everyone else know this? I found out on my last day: 1/31. Dismayed, I walked out of the building, fell twelve floors down an elevator shaft and then rolled into oncoming traffic. Now I'm dead.

You might not be so lucky though, and you could be facing astronomical medical bills and you won't be able to turn to your trusty HMO for substandard medical care.


Anonymous said...

Uh, R.I.P. Alison? No, I think that thing you are referring to is called C.O.B.R.A. It lasts for like 6 months if memory serves me correctly.

*Pours out some liquor from a 40 oz. of Magnum for Alison.* What? Magnum is all I can afford.

Anonymous said...

It just occured to me that I may have not signed my last comment. I'm not trying to fly like under the radar or anything. Anyway, it's TexMex night at the Æ household tonight. Even though I'm in La. but anyway, the movie When a Stranger Calls is coming on right now on one of the encore channels I think, and Wendy has inspired me to watch it again. She knows what I'm talking about. Lates!


Ted from Accounting said...

Holy crap I couldn't pick a fighter tonight to save my life! Ahhhhh!

Well, at least with a 12 story fall, you didn't suffer.

I'm not sure if the laws are different with private employers as opposed to public but I always thought you received 30 days from the end of employment. It takes that long for your COBRA offer to come in. Which at your age, you definitely don't want to stay on COBRA long (unless you have serious medical problems...cuz it's expensive). I'm fortunate to get free medical for life but I do have to pay for dental and vision. All dental insurance sucks!

joe said...

Sorry to hear of your passing. Can I have your dresser? I always thought it would look nice in my spare room.

I suppose you left everything to Fred. Along with the insurance money, he probably won't ever have to work again. Not that he ever did, really. You should know he's already called Anna Gilligan and asked her out. Your body isn't even cold yet and he's already moving on!

I plan to wear my blue suit to your funeral. I haven't decided which tie yet. I believe the scarlet stripe was your favorite...

Anonymous said...

I DID just quit my job. a mo. ago.
and yeah, i got health coverage thru the end of jan.
Now my COBRA paperwork just arrived in the mail and I and my two kids can have coverage FOR ONLY $682 A MONTH!!

Wow. What a deal. health coverage for the monthly payment of a BMW 5 series.

As I take another bong hit I reflect that quitting my job without a nother may not have been such a good idea.