Saturday, January 19, 2008

bears, frogs, commercials for children's cold and flu medication

My sister and I just watched this commercial like five times and then I was so overwhelmed with cuteness that I had to find it on youtube. The one on TV is even cuter. It's the part where he wiggles his legs that really gets me. Also, there's a pretty cute triaminic frog commercial except that frog is like the Dakota Fanning of frogs—a little precicious/showy—whereas the bear is more genuinely adorable/stuffed up.


Ted from Accounting said...

I couldn't find a good riddle to redeem myself! E for Elmo would love another 4 truths and a lie!


This bear and this rabbit were talking.

The bear asked the rabbit, "Do you have trouble with poop sticking to your fur?"

The rabbit said, "No."

So the bear picked up the rabbit and used it to wipe his butt

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:


----Bobby Fischer

joe said...

Very cute! The woman in the post office yesterday tried to sell me some little stuffed bears. I thought the post office only sold stamps!

Here's my offering. Delta Airlines began releasing a series of short videos last November called "Planeguage: The language of traveling by plane." They're trying to raise awareness of bad behavior in the skies by showing the videos on their flights. They're kinda cute. They have 6 so far, and each one is less than a minute long. My favorites are Miracle and Shady Lady. Here's the link:

Red Eye was great last night - I hope everyone got to see it. A few nights ago Bill Schulz mentioned that Greg's contract is up for renewal soon. Not sure exactly when. I was thinking that the question might not be whether FNC wants to renew Red Eye, but whether Greg wants to stay at Fox. Greg might want to take the show somewhere else where he can have a bigger budget, more artistic freedom and a better time slot. I'd be surprised if Greg hasn't already been contacted by Comedy Central and/or other networks. We'll have to wait to see what happens.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Ted from Accounting said...


That would totally makes sense if Greg made that decision. How crazy if that happened. I'd love to see the show grow but hopefully its on Fox. They need to give it a better time slot for sure! I'll checkout the link later today.

Big UFC fight day! Oh yeah baby! Put that on my 1 Thing to do today list please! I will show all my buddies the bear clip just before the fight! You know to lighten the mood. Very cute!