Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A really long post about dogs

Adorable Puppy X (look at its little feet! at first you think it's just a head floating on a white background but if you look close you can make out the outline of its little puppy body.)

Unnamed Puppy

I'm watching a Letterman rerun and Tom Cruise is talking about how naming Suri wasn't an ordeal because he and "Kate" just "looked at eachother and knew." Well my parents aren't having the same luck with their new puppy, pictured above. My sister and I have been sending them lists of possibilities. I'm pretty overjoyed with the fact that they're finally getting a dog after four long years of utter doglessness. Maybe that's just how long it took them to get over Woofie, whom I still miss and who I sometimes think I hear running down the hall when I'm in their house and I forget, for a second, that he's gone. Some pictures of Woofie? If you insist:

Woofie as a puppy

Woofie just hanging out

Woofie guarding the dishwasher

But Woofie would have wanted them to get a new dog! I've already fallen in love with this new one. My sister and I just stare at the pictures and coo. But we need a name! If you have any ideas, let me know! I'll be seeing the dog when I fly out to California in a few weeks to be with my sister while she's having surgery (she is okay. I should probably get her permission before I write in any detail but suffice it to say, it was scary, but she is okay.) Anyway, I'm glad there's a puppy on the other side of that plane ride.


Eddie said...

How about buttercup, snazzy, lovie (fan of Gilligans Island althought you might as why not Gilligan, Skipper, Professor, Mayanne, Ginger, or Thurston Howell III but it just sounded better), or Sambuca. Just a thought. Butter your toast.

Ted the Dog Whisperer said...

Now that was a cool post Alison! That is a very cute dog. I recommend the name Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex for short. It will be hilarious when your parents take him to the vet and they call out Tyrannosaurus Rex Rosen and they walk to the counter.

My dogs are named Thor, Zeus & Apollo. I got the nerve up and actually posted a couple of pictures of Thor on my MS page. One is from a magazine he was in if you are interested. He was a very expensive pooch!

Try this Dog Name Guide:


Anonymous said...


spaceagent said...

Woofie looks just like the dog we had when I was growing up. His name was B.G. (short for Big George - he was the largest in the litter.) The new puppy is cute. Is he/she a west highland terrier?

I suggest Dat Ho for the name, in honor of Greg's favorite houseboy, recently departed.

Anonymous said...

The first name that popped in my head when I saw the puppy was "Snowball."

BarleyBear said...

What's with all the yiffy names that people are suggesting? The dog needs a brutish masculine name. The dog needs to be called Piddlydink. Unless it is a female, then it should be Piddlidink. Of course, if you are grooming the dog for politics, then it should be named Piddle E. Dink. Well, it's better than the first thing I thought of: Culture Swab.

Ximena said...

how about Coco??

Midnight said...


Prad Bitt said...

Name that bitch "Fluffy Cocaine". Tell everyone it's just Fluffy but you and i will know it's Fluffy Cocaine. lol :p

Prad Bitt

Anonymous said...

The little dog kind of reminds me of "Chipper" (after a really good bath). Chipper was featured in the Irwin Allen 1968-70 TV series "Land of the Giants."

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:

"Were the hell was my name in the Mitchell report, I can't find it !!!!!!!...."

---Carrot Top