Sunday, November 04, 2007


someone near me has wind chimes, or I'm trapped in a constant state of foreshadowing.


Anonymous said...

Alot of people who have wind chimes,are the people that look for peace and serenity in inanimate objects. If you were to go into their house, you'd probably find arouma candles,incensce,bath salts,and those annoying nature cd's. How do I know this you ask? Uh,well, I'm one of those people. Minus the nature cd's. I wouldn't want to drown out the voices that talk to me during my slumber.

Anonymous said...

And now let's talk sports shall we? I have to undo that feminine crap I just spewed. Anyway, The Longhorns were victorious, The L.S.U. Tigers won, and will probably be ranked #2. The Mavericks are playing well. Last but not least, The Cowboys will be victorious tonight. And I'm happy to say that B.C. lost last night. It's about time something went wrong in New England. The are having too much success.

P.s. It was great to see last night that the Doritos girl is from Louisiana. It's good to live in the South.

Anonymous said...

I would like to make a prediction. This would be like calling "backboard." in a basketball game. If the hollywood
writers go on strike,( I hope they don't.) I believe that the celebs will start interjecting themselves in the political arena. Not that they don't now, but I believe it will be even greater. These celebs have to keep their faces in the news, and what better way than to start making outlandish political statements. Time will tell if I'm right. Which I usually am anyway. You heard it here first. Now let's see how this unfurls.

Michael. "the political watchdog".