Sunday, November 11, 2007

Controlling spin control

Today I did something I don't normally do but always wish I'd done. I was sitting down to interview a celebrity and the publicist pulled up a chair, as if the three of us were going to have a little conversation. "Are you going to sit there the whole time?" I asked her. "Yes," she said plainly. Then the celeb asked me if it made me uncomfortable. "Actually yes it does," I said. He asked her if she'd give us some space and she did, but not before asking him to tell her if she needs to "red flag" anything from the interview. Sometimes I'll discover that publicists are listening in on phone interviews, which always rankles the hell out of me, but the publicist sit in, especially when they aren't even trying to hide it (it's one thing if they're sitting nearby listening in, quite another if they're positioning themselves to be an active member of the interview) is an interview momentum killer, so I'm glad I spoke up.


Anonymous said...

That's despicable. You know, if you have to have someone around to make sure you don't say the wrong thing, then you probably need to re-evaluate how you're living. People with a clear conscious don't have any trouble answering questions. I thought that was a ballsy move for you to speak up, and on the flip side of that, I think you're a class-act for not stating who these people were. People just need to get overthemselves. Welp, back to the Cowboys game! it's a good one.


Anonymous said...

I realize this isn't a sports blog, but I just have to say, how bout dem Cowboys. It's even sweeter it being The New York Giants, in New York. Anyway, there was a little irony on my part from Red Eye last night. They did a story of Duncanville, Texas,about the swingers thingie. What was cool is when I was younger, I went to junior High school there. Reed Junior High Trojans I believe it was. Nothing like being named after a profalictic. Had I had known there was gonna be all that swinging going on, perhaps I would have stuck around. J/K. that's disgusting. Just another one of those things like the Psychologist call it, an "odd-match." Time to go celebrate victory!

Michael. "the all knowing."

Ted los Amigo de Reporteros said...

Your Allison Rosen! Don't take no shit from these Peeps.

I'm certainly not trying to make myself sound like a big shot...but I have been interviewed a few times over the years and never really cared for it. I attended this 2 hour training a couple of years ago on "how to make the media" your friend. It wasn't by choice but it was actually kind of interesting.

The basic premise was to use a bit of psychology on the reporter and attempt to help them facilitate the interview.

A friend's wife is a reporter and called for a story and I actually used the techniques with her and then let her borrow the DVD from the class afterwards...she got a kick out of it.

I'm not sure there is a moral to my story other than I can see both sides of the situation. However, if your going to be in the spotlight you should be able to answer basic questions...I particularly enjoyed the Q&A between you and Michael Showalter regarding "poop." Poop, now there is a publicist nightmare!